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October 19, 2018 2 min read

When first-time hat buyers ask us what hat to start with, we always recommend a fedora style hat. It's a timeless silhouette that will never go out of style. And fedoras look good on anyone! So if you're thinking of buying someone a hat (or treating yourself) then definitely give these beauties a look.




Where to start: 

The Gigi Pip women's fedora collection was designed with your closet + style in mind. Our ladies fedora hats feature a range of styles from feminine to bold and everything in between.
All of our fedora hats for women are best sellers so you can't go wrong, but our recommendations would be to start with the Leo and the Wes. The Leo's curved brim is similar to a Panama hat and comes in multiple color combinations so no matter what your closet looks like, we have a Leo that will match it. Wes is the 2018 version of a classic fedora and definitely worth giving a try. If you love modern clean designs, then this is the hat for you.

Wes in Ivory with our Removable Leather Band in Black + Leo in Black with Camel Band

The Next Step: 

The Monroe and Scottie are a couple of hats that tend to sell out quickly so if they're are in stock, we also recommend checking them out. If you're looking for a fedora-style hat with a little more "something something" then these hats are right up your alley.
The Monroe comes in Gray, Brown, and Oatmeal and is our best seller for Fall. Our Scottie comes in Black and Grey and also looks great with our removable leather bands!
wes in fedora

Monroe in Gray + Scottie in Black

And if you're looking for some hats that look great in warmer seasons and climates, another great collection to check out would be our Straw Hats


Choosing a hat for the first time or finding the right brim size for you face can be intimidating. Check out this blog post on Finding the Right Brim for your Face for a great place to find recommendations and get started. 
If you have found the perfect hat and need tips on how to clean or store your hats, definitely check out our How to Clean Your Hats blog post! We have a Gigi Pip FAQ page that will answer any basic questions you have. And if you've noticed that your fedora hat collection has outgrown your closet shelf, here is a blog post about How to Hang Your Hat  so that none of your hat beauties get damaged or wrinkled. 

So let us know, which fedora is calling out to you? And would you like some tips on how to style your new fedora hat?



Did you know that the fedora was originally designed for women and named after the fictional princess Fédora Romanoff?? Read more about the History of the Fedora Hat and how this beauty has stood the test of time. 


History of the Fedora Hat 


Don't know what size hat you wear?
Here's a quick Hat Sizing Guide to get you started!