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April 23, 2018 4 min read

Short brim, wide brim, flat brim, oh my! There are so many different hat styles. How do you find the one just right for you? Good question right? We thought so too. That is why today's post is dedicated to breaking down all the different brim styles Gigi Pip offers and helping you find the style hat that best suits you!

What kind of hat should you wear? It all starts with knowing what your options are. 

There are two main parts to a hat: the crown and the brim.

Fedora parts diagram

The crown is the part that fits over your head. Crowns come in various heights, depending on the style. While there are more brim style variations, don't forget to consider your different crown shape options. Tall crown hats like the Wes or Billie could be the statement piece you have been looking for. Shorter brims on gambler hats and trilby hats have been a fashion staple for ages and are always a safe bet. Most hats have a more average crown height. 

The brim is the edge of the hat that the crown is attached to. There is typically a band at the bottom of the crown that secures the hat on your head. Brim variations are often the biggest difference between hat styles. 


Breaking Down the Different Brim Styles

The wide variety of brim options is what makes hat shopping fun! The brim can vary in width from narrow to wide. A snapped brim is one with edges bent to point down or up. The brim can also be rolled so that the very edge of the brim is rounded up and towards the crown. Additionally, hat edges can be folded so that they stand at a right angle to the brim. Floppy brim hats are made of a softer material that is less rigid and can add a dynamic element to your look.  

Brim styles sometimes differ within the same types of hats. For example, within our women's fedora hat collection flat brim hats like the Miller or the Emma. These hats have clean lines for a sharper look. We also have the Monroe Rancher fedora which has a brim that is rounded up. This ads some depth to the look and feel of the hat. 

While still a wide brim hat, boater hats like the Dahlia have a totally different build and offer a different crown and brim shape option. Within the boater hat family we also have the Faye, short brim boater hat made with straw instead of felt. While you might not be familiar with the boater hat style, be sure to not overlook boater hats like these while picking your favorites from the many different brim styles. 


Straw Brim Shape Options 

Straw hats also have a seemingly endless number of brim styles for every occasion. Straw hat styles can be both wide and short brim, flat and angled. A straw hat with a curled brim like the Mona add a bold touch to your outfit without being too loud. Oftentimes, we grab straw hats on sunny days, so going with a classic wide brim look like the Bre is also a practical matter. The style of a straw hat brim can also differ with the material used to make the hat. Using different kinds of straw in hats like the Seabreeze is what makes its brim so unique. 


Finding the perfect brim style for you is like dating. You've got to try out a few before you find the one for you. 

Now, let's play matchmaker and find the best brim style for you.


What Kind of Hat Should I Wear?

Like your favorite pair ofjeans that hug you in all the right places, you want a hat that compliments your features. When choosing a brim style, it's your bone structure you've got to compliment. If you have a round face, opt for a structured hat, like aflat-brimmed fedora, as opposed to something floppier and soft.

The shapes should balance each other out and streamline your features. For a longer, oval face, choose a hat with some softness or movement in the brim, such as a floppy hat.If your face is square, try an asymmetric hat with strong angles. This style can balance your jawline, especially if it has a slightly dipped brim.

Lastly, if you’re fortunate enough to have a heart-shaped face, take your pick because anything goes you lucky ducks!

For a deeper dive on what hat to choose based on your face shape, check out our guide to matching your face shape o your perfect hat style


Flat Brim Style

A majority of our hats here at Gigi Pip areflat brim hats. We love flat brim hats because of their structure. They are sturdy hats and generally hold their shape better when storing and transporting. Flat brims are a good go-to for a classic women's fedora look and pair wonderfully with a variety of hat bands so you can easily change it up. The flat brim also compliments those round face shapes quite nicely!

woman wearing hat

Hat: Lydia- Classic Pinstripe Felt Hat

Wide Brim Style

Our wide brim hats, The DahliaEmma, and Scottie to name a few, are our best sellers. This season's hat trends are as much about style as about staying out of the sun and that's why our wide brim hats are one of our most loved hat styles. Wide brim hats are pretty versatile and can work as a chic touch to your look  a bolder statement piece depending on the outfit you pair it with. They can also be worn year round and are perfect for those square faces.

dahlia wide brim felt hat

Hat: Dahlia- Women's Stiff Wide Brim Felt Hat


Short Brim Style

Small and stylish, short brim hats can be great additions to any hat collection. Short brims are great for a fun summer or spring look! As previously mentioned, ladies with a longer, oval-shaped face, tend to stick with a short brim like the Ruth which has a little more movement to compliment that pretty bone structure. 

lettie flat brim hat

Hat: Lettie- Flat Brim Hat 

No matter your personal style, face shape or brim preference, Gigi Pip has options for everyone. Be sure to use code ILOVEHATS for 20% off your first hat purchase! 



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