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November 02, 2018 3 min read

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Meet Britt Havens 

She is a wife and mama, pursuing joy and dreaming big dreams with her husband and three babes.

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I've always been a dreamer. 

Wanted to do many different jobs. I love trying new things. My career aspirations as a child were something like "marine biologist, mom, fashion designer and also be in the circus on the side". I've also always been really entrepreneurial and just gone for it when I had an idea or business I wanted to start. This was all well and good, until I became a mama. Becoming a mother totally shifted my world and priorities in the most beautiful way. I let a lot of things go and focused on being a mom for a while, but deep in my heart I still longed to do the things that I love doing. The things that make me me! 
I'm a mom, wife, makeup artist, I homeschool my children, blogger, I'm currently creating and  planning a homeschool conference, I support my husband in his business and try to be the best friend, daughter and sister that I can be.

I get asked a lot how I "do it all", how I wear so many hats, how I keep all the balls in the air, and the truth is. I don't.


britt havens

It's impossible to keep all of these things going at the same time and to wear ALL of my different hats at once. I usually like to focus on one hat at a time. Motherhood always comes first, but there are times when I need to put on my entrepreneur hat, fuel my creativity and remind myself that I am more than a mom. On date night, I like to try to be really present with my husband so I am intentional about taking of that "mom hat" and remembering that before kids it was just us and someday (no too soon) it will be just us again.
For me, it goes in seasons. My priorities shift and sometimes I'll shelf one of my hats for a while because it's not serving me and making sense for our family anymore. Maybe I'll pick it back up again in the future or maybe a new opportunity or hat will present itself to me because of the time I freed up.
The point is, while I do wear a lot of hats and it can seem like I'm pretty busy. I don't do them all at once and I don't do them all well. I could feel guilty about that but I don't let myself. There are months where I am only wearing one hat and focused on doing that one really well and weeks where I have a lot of juggling and switching to do and that hustle can be fun too.

britt havens

Of all of the hats that I wear, mom is the most challenging, rewarding and special to me. 

These three are everything and while I love all of the different roles and jobs and hats I wear, being a loving mother, good example and an inspiration to my children and those around me is something I will always put first. 
To learn more about Britt + the hats she wears follow her on Instagram  @britthavens and her blog BrittHavens.com


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