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the most rewarding way to shop

Premium Points System

Earn massive points on every dollar spent, making each purchase more rewarding.

insider Member Deals

Access special offers, unique product previews, and members-only discounts.

Celebration Rewards

Enjoy birthday bonuses and milestone gifts to celebrate your journey with us.

Community Connection

Engage and earn through community events, social shares, and product reviews.


Gigi Pip Loyalty Cash is a form of rewards currency you can earn through our loyalty program. By making purchases and participating in other qualifying activities, you accumulate Loyalty Cash, which can be used as a discount on future purchases online and in-store.

To redeem your cash, click on the "REWARDS" widget at the bottom left-hand corner of any page on www.gigipip.com + sign in. Once you are signed in you'll be able to use the Rewards Widget to "CASH OUT." This will walk you through a short cash-out process in which you receive a gift card in the amount of the loyalty cash you choose to redeem. The gift card can then be used online or in person.

There are many ways to earn!

1) Every dollar you spend earns you 10 points. For every 100 points, you'll get $1.00 in Loyalty Cash to use on your next purchase.

2) Join our online community and share your birthday with us to receive extra perks and an immediate $20.00 in points!

+ Check out the "Ways to Earn" section in the REWARDS Widget at the bottom left of your screen and follow the steps to start earning.