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Trucker Hats

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most trucker hats are designed as one-size-fits-all; they typically feature an adjustable snapback or velcro strap at the back, allowing wearers to customize the fit according to their head size.

Trucker hats are not meant to be tight. They should fit comfortably and sit snugly on your head without causing discomfort or pressure. The adjustable strap or snapback allows you to customize the fit, ensuring it's neither too loose nor too tight.

Yes, trucker hats made from materials like cotton and foam tend to stretch slightly over time with regular wear; this is a natural process that occurs with most headwear. The stretching is usually minimal and can help the hat conform better to the shape of your head for improved comfort. However, the adjustable strap or snapback allows you to maintain a comfortable fit even as the hat molds to your head shape.