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May 16, 2023 3 min read

The Handy Hat Guide: Finding the Right Hat Colors for You

Nine hat colors lay flat overlapping each other


Hats protect you from the sunand serve as a sleek fashion accessory. The right hat can elevate clothing from an everyday outfit to a show-stopping moment. But, with an endless variety ofhat colors + styles to choose from, it is critical to invest in the right hat to provide both functionality and aesthetic.

Cue ourhat guide.

For those askingwhat color hat for skin tone you should select orwhat hat color is most versatile, we’ve got you covered. Check out ourhat-style article or keep reading through ourhat guide that answers more of our most common color questions.


What Color Is Best for a Hat?

A wall of different hat colors above a dog


With so many options to choose from, selecting the righthat colors can be overwhelming. Breaking the decision into sub-questions can guide you in the right direction: 

  • What is your complexion? Start with your complexion. A general rule of thumb when decidingwhat color is best for a hat is to identify your undertones. For skin with yellow or red undertones, warm colors like brown, tan, or maroon will complement your face. For those with cool undertones, matching cool colors like grey or blue is the way to go.

  • What are the colors of your wardrobe? Secondly, ask yourself about the colors of your wardrobe. What is the most prominent color you own? Shop hats that harmonize with the colors you already have. Hats should build upon your existing wardrobe.

    Will this hat be a statement or an extension?Finally, decide if you are looking for a statement piece or an extension of your current clothing. If looking for a statement piece, bolder or unconventionalhat colors are perfect. On the other hand, if you want a hat that will blend seamlessly into your existing outfits, try a similar color or a neutral hue.


    What Color Hat Is Most Versatile?

    If you’re looking for endless style combinations or are new to fashion hats as accessories, discovering what color hat is most versatile is critical. A versatile hat will become your go-to accessory. While any neutral is extremely adaptable, we suggest starting with a tan or grey hat like our Luca Pencil Brim fedora in tan or our Monroe Rancher in dark grey. Tan + grey are bordering light colors, + they pair well with bright or dark outfits. For closets + skin tones with heavier warm tones, try tan. For closets or skin with heavier cool tones, try grey.


    What Color Hat Looks Best on Light Skin + Dark Skin Tones?

    Three images of women wearing a different hat color
    Three images of women wearing a different hat color


    For those askingwhat color hat looks best on light skin tones, ourhat guide offers a few suggestions. Try a neutral color like brown that is a few shades darker than your natural skin color. This can add depth + dimension to your overall look. Additionally, warm earthy tones like rust or olive can accentuate pink, peach, + red undertones.

    For those with darker skin tones, we suggest brighter, bolder colors like honeycomb, ivory, or rusty red to turn heads. If looking for a hat that is both sleek + versatile, try grey or cream. For a gentle splash of color, a soft pastel like dusty pink can add vibrance while complementing darker skin tones beautifully.

    Ultimately, all skin tones can wear any color. Find the color that makes you feel most confident.

    What Color Hat for Skin Tone?

    As is mentioned above in ourhat guide, if you’re looking for a hat to match your skin tone, you should identify your undertones first + foremost. Warmer undertones should select warmer neutrals, while cooler undertones should select theirhat colors accordingly.

    Keep in mind that skin tone varies throughout the year. Choose a hat color that aligns best with your color for the season you plan to wear it most.

    Hat Colors for Everyone

    three women of different skin tones model a different hat color of the same wide brim fedora hat

    Whether you are looking for a hat that will stand out in a crowd or something neutral and versatile to complement your wardrobe,Gigi Pip has a wide variety ofhat colors and shapes for everyone. 

    When in doubt, try it out! Hats are intended to be a stylish + fun accessory. Do not be afraid totry something new or outside your comfort zone + add some fun to your closet.

    Looking for even more inspiration? Check out our guide to hat styles here.