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June 12, 2019 2 min read

gigi pip hat styles


Hat shopping can be overwhelming. How can you tell the difference between a fedora or boater? What material is it made out of? Will it look good on me?

Here's a breakdown of Gigi Pip + the styles we carry.


scottie and emma hat



Most Gigi Pip hats can be divided into the following categories:

Fedora - Some examples include Leo, Wes, Scottie, Emma, Britton, Billie
A fedora is a brimmed hat with a pinched crown. Fedoras will compliment any face shape so we usually recommend this style to first time hat buyers.

Boater - Some examples include Dahlia, Brae, Faye
You can easily distinguish a boater hat because of its flat crown. Named after Italian gondoliers + typically made of straw but our Dahlia is a great felt option.

Gambler - Some examples include Ginger, Luna, Sloan
Gambler hats have a round crown + upturned brims. Our gambler hat was named after our owner + founder Ginger Parrish.

Dome Crown - Some examples include Annabella, Hallie, Olivette, Addie
Dome crown hats will have a rounded top + usually have a floppy brim. These are popular options for those who love to travel since they are easy to pack. 

Some other styles we carry include the following: 
Trilby - Ruth

Lifeguard - Carmen, Eden

Visor - Laila, Sunburst

Beret - Sophie


stack of straw hats



Gigi Pip hat brims can be divided into these categories:

Wide Brim - Over 3” or 7cm

Short Brim - 3” or 7 cm and under

Floppy Brim - soft + doesn’t hold its shape

Stiff Brim - holds its shape or can be steamed back into it's original shape

Gigi Pip hats are made of the following materials:

Gigi Pip carries both straw + wool hat options. You can shop the separate categories in our dropdown menu under Hats.

Straw - The type of straw can vary from paper straw to seagrass straw. See product description for more details about each hat

Polyester - Hats like our Esteeare made of faux suede polyester which is a popular Fall or Winter material.

Wool - A majority of our hats are made of genuine Australian wool felt.

While straw is usually reserved for Spring, Summer, + those of you who live in perpetual sunshine, felt can be worn year round.



Want more information about how our hats are made?
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