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June 28, 2023 4 min read

The Best Hat Storage and Display Ideas

A white wall with a hat display featuring six different colored felt hats
Let’s be honest; life is better with hats. However, storage for hats—especially straw + felt hats—can be difficult! Keeping your collection organized or artfully displayed can be a daunting task, but with the right tools + ideas, you can create the perfect hat haven in your home.

Don’t get stuck stacking hats haphazardly in the back of your closet. Instead, use these hat storage tips + tricks + start displaying them proudly!

Hat Keepsake Boxes, Travel Cases + Keepsake Bags

One black hat carrying case for hat storage + hat travel


For the most practical solution to storing hats, try Hat Keepsake Boxes, Travel Cases + our infamous Hat Carrying Tote. Keepsake Boxes + Travel Cases hold their form + offer the most protection of anyhat storage option we have on the list. These designs can also be visually appealing, defining "fashion meets function" at the core! Take the Gigi Pip Hat Travel Case for example. Keepsake Boxes + Travel Cases provide structure in easy shapes that are easier to stack, store + travel with in the car or on an airplane.

Ifstorage for hats that will fend off stains, fading, + crushing are your priorities, this is the perfect option for you. Let’s not forget—Hat Travel Cases are also great for those wishing to take a hat with them while traveling long distances.


Hat Keepsake Bags are a lightweight, stackable option when you've got more hats than your structured storage techniques can keep up with. A Hat Keepsake Bag will effectively keep each of your individual hats clean + pristine, all while still being able to stack your hats high on top of each other.

No need to go scouring the internet for hat storage. We have you covered with classic, quality hat care options so you can store your beloved items in confidence. Check out our selection of hat travel + storage accessories!


Hat Wall Display

A corgi sits in front of a hat wall display
For you hat lovers looking for something a bit more fun + casual, try hanging your hats directly on the wall to create a beautifulhat wall display. That’s right! Grab a hammer + nails (or renter-friendly removable hooks) + start sticking. Even better, snag a few of our Gigi Pip Hat Hanging Wall Pegs which come equipped with mounting hardware. Only a hammer + (optional) wall anchors are needed! You don't have to consider yourself a handyman to successfully display your hats elegantly with these Hat Hanging Wall Pegs. They also work great to layer lanyards, jewelry, scarves + other accessories on as well!

Create a grid of evenly spaced hooks on the wall for a formalhat display or play with different heights for something a bit more whimsical. Not only does ahat wall display double as storage, but it also creates a fun talking point for the room.



Three photos of felt + straw hats hanging on a natural wood pegboard
Similar to hanging directly on the wall, pegboards are a great way to move hats off your closet shelves + allow them to be a statement in your home as well as on your head. Pegboards offer even more hooks + catches to create the ultimatehat wall display. This is ideal for those with an actively growing hat collection as pegboards let you more easily move + adjust your hooks to make space for all your new additions. We use pegboards right in our own retail stores for easy grabbing of all kinds of styles from baseball caps to straw to felt.


Can’t find the right pegboard to match your style? Spray paint it! Pegboard is easy to paint + frame to match your current interior. Be sure to allow plenty of dry time + cover with a protectant before hanging anything up.


THE GIGI PIP HAYES HAT CARRYING TOTEHayes Hat Carrying Tote shown in two images, one with a hat strapped to the front and the other with the trolley pass attached to a rolling suitcase

Maybe home storage does not present a problem for you, but you would like a little more ease + flexibility as you traverse the town. Grab a ur infamous, signature hat carrying tote! The Hayes Hat Carrying tote offers an innovative "U" strap that cradle your hat securely + stylishly under your arm as you are commuting, traveling, or simply wanting to take a break from wearing it for a bit. Bonus - this everyday tote is just as stylish without a hat attached + was designed to carry all of life's essentials with you no matter where you go!

Storage for hats doesn’t have to be boring to be effective! This is the perfect solution for those actively on the go who love wearing hats, without the commitment of wearing your hat all day. Plus, it serves as ahat display even when you are not actively wearing it.


Hat Display Stand

Three photos showing straw + felt hats hanging on a hat display stand in three different scenarios

Looking to display your hats at home without putting holes in the wall? A Gigi Pip Hat Stand might just be calling your name! Hat display stands, sometimes called hat trees, are freestanding columns with one-to-multiple branches to hang coats + hats on. Plus, you can place these by the door for easy accessibility as you are heading out for the day or on your dresser so your hat accessory is at the top of the mind as you're getting ready. There's nothing worse than forgetting the finishing touch to your look! It also allows you to quickly + easily compare all options against your current outfit. Hat display stands come in a wide variety of styles, colors, + materials, which makes it easy to match your style. You can find our tabletop Gigi Pip Hat Stand in our online store!


Effortless Hat Displays with Gigi Pip

Two paintings on a wall, a plant, and a hanging hat


Don’t fear a growing pile of hats in your bedroom.Storage for hats can be versatile + artistic! If you are looking for pure function, opt for boxes, cases, or ahat display stand that will protect + hold your collection. If you are looking for something more fun, create ahat display by hanging them on the wall or a pegboard or grabbing a hat bag. 

For morehat storage ideas, check out our toptips for traveling with hats.