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April 18, 2023 3 min read

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

A natural, straw hat sits on a sheet next to a woman


Our moms deserve the best. Whether you’re looking to spoil your mom or a mother figure in your life, getting a gift that is equal parts thoughtful, beautiful, and useful is essential. From cozy blankets to funsummer hats, find the right option for every type of mom. 

Shopping for Mother’s Day has never been easier with our Mother’s Day gift guide below.


1.Felt Hat,Starting at $89

Two women and a child pictured in felt hats on a neutral background


Get your mom something outside the box for Mother’s Day with afelt hat. These fashion-forward accessories make an excellent outfit builder for mothers that love to brunch with friends, dine on date nights, and shop the day away. This high-quality material is built to last for years.

Best of all, thesefelt hats come in a wide range of colors and styles. Find the hat that suits your mom just right, orget a gift card and let her shop for her favorite style.


2.Heated Blanket, $79

Woman cuddles in a fuzzy blanket


Heated blankets are perfect for the mom who always catches a chill, even in the summer! Though they are most popular in the winter, heated blankets make an excellent all-year gift for mothers that run cold or like to unwind snuggling and getting comfortable on the couch or in their bed. Heated blankets are a great addition for moms with hobbies like reading, crafting, or binging the latest TV show.

These blankets come in a variety of colors and all are luxuriously soft to the touch.


3. Purse orHat Bag, Starting at $60


No mom’s outfit is complete without a bag to carry all the essentials. Take advantage of the new spring fashion trends by finding her acrossbody,satchel, or even a tote that doubles asa hat bag.

For sporty moms always on the go, a slim crossbody can carry the important things without getting in the way. Meanwhile, a satchel is a good choice for fashion-conscious moms looking for an everyday accessory. Finally, for stylish moms that need more carrying space, a tote bag is the way to go. GiGi Pip’shat bags offer all the perks of a tote, while also featuring a strap to easily carry wide-brim hats like a fedora or beach hat.


4.Ball Cap, $36


For shoppers looking for quintessentialsummer hats for their mom, look no further. More casual and portable than afelt hat, a baseball cap is the best choice for sporty, outdoor-loving moms. Rather than digging out an old cap from the back of the closet, gift your mom a classic ball cap in her favorite color. Without a large logo or front design, thesesummer hats are versatile. They match every outfit whether she is blocking the sun at the pool or cheering at a baseball game.


5.An Event to Share, Cost Variable

Mother and child pose together at a color festival

For the mom that already has it all, shop for an event or an experience you can gift her. Better yet, find an activity you can both do together or she can do on a date night. For those looking for something simple, try checking outa movie or activity like pottery painting. If you are looking to createa big night out, try a sports game, concert, or theater production. Be sure to document the event with plenty of pictures.


6.Curated Gift Card, Starting at $20

A gift card laying flat on top of an ivory straw hat
For moms with very particular tastes and moms whose happy place is their own home, a thoughtfully curated gift card and personalized Mother’s Day card make for a timeless gift.
  • For the foodie moms, try a gift card to a food delivery app likeDoordash. For a more personalized touch, you can pair this gift card with a small basket of her favorite snacks and candies.
  • For the homebody, try a gift card toward a home improvement store. Try attaching the gift card to a small piece of home decor she can place in her home.
For the fashionista, try a gift card to her favorite shops or a few smaller gift cards to multiple shops she frequents and go out shopping together. To add excitement, try a gift card to a store she hasn’t shopped at before such as a local boutique, small Etsy shop, or, of course,Gigi Pip.

Shop With Gigi Pip for Mother’s Day This Year

Whether it’s sunglasses, apparel, or one of our timeless felt hats, let us handle your Mother’s Day needs this year. Make it easy on yourself and shop with Gigi Pip—the perfect destination for all mamas or mamas-to-be!