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September 01, 2022 7 min read

Women’s Hats for Fall + Winter:  The 2022/23 Trend Guide

Wearing hats in winter will make you fall in love with chilly weather - for real! Yes, they’re warm, obviously, they’re cute, but you will not believe how amazing you’ll feel while you’re wearing one. When you leave your home, you’ll be making lasting impressions on people all day, so be prepared! People will compliment you, they’ll smile at you as you pass by + they’ll be dying to know where you got your beautiful hat. We want to inspire you to wear many different cold weather hats. Here are our ideas for how you can style your hats to make them your own. 

Winter Hats: To Beanie or Not to Beanie?

That is the question you ask yourself on a regular basis during the frosty fall + winter months. Beanies are the bomb, + have been for years! You can wear them all the time + still pull off a different vibe with each look.  

Textured Beanie

Waffle knit beanies will give you a subtle texture you’ll love to show off with your cropped button-down sweater + your favorite jeans. You’ll be comfortable + adorable lounging around your apartment or meeting up with your book club buddies. 

Pom Beanie

A yarn pom to top off an alreadyadorable beanie is just what you need during the winter. Pull it over your ears + stay snug while you’re out having fun in the glistening snow. 

Save yourself the turmoil of constantly choosing which of your beanies to pick + diversify your winter hat options.

Top Trends for Women’s Hats 2022

Customize your hat to stay trendy this coming season. 2022 is all about expressing your personal style. To truly customize your outfit, you can use accessories to change the style of your hat from day to day. 

5 Ways to Customize Your Hat with Accessories

Can you think of anything better than ladies' hats you can personally style to fit your fall + winter wardrobe? First, you need to pick a hat that is customizable - you already have plenty to choose from in your collection. You'll have such a blast styling your felt hats with accessories that you can mix + match for a different look every time you wear them. 

1. Bands + BolosThrough thick + thin, bands + bolos will be there for you when you’re looking to dress up yourwomen’s fedora hat. Use that incredible imagination of yours + keep trying things out ‘till you find the best combinations that represent your style. Look for differing textures in your Cara Loren bolos - the white bolo band is braided, with gold hardware, to match the Cara Loren hat pin, while the dusty pink bolo is smooth all the way around.  With all the various bands you can choose from, layering them creates an unexpected look that will deem you a style genius. 

2. Layer Your Bands. Yourelegant  Miller-Navyfelt hat (with that timeless teardrop crown) already comes with a built-in band, so how do you customize it? Since your sewn-in leather band is wider than your grosgrain band, you can fit it on top + double knot it in the back to create a new look. Yoursoft sage grosgrain band will lend a light contrast to the deep navy and an earthy element coming from the logo hardware. 

Take yourtimeless Zephyr- Cream off your hat stand + wrap the crown in a striped linen fabric band, leave the ends untied for now. Grab yourwaxed cotton Triple Strand Band - Chocolate + place it on top of your fabric band.  The triple strand band will give your friends a sneak peek at the striped pattern underneath while creating layers of color + texture. Now tie your fabric band so that the knot is above the other band. Tighten the triple strand band by pulling the strands on either side of the slip knot + you are ready to wear your new work of art. 

Add a feminine flair to any one of your hat brims. First, match the size of yourfun leather band with tassels - white to the size of your hat. Then you’ll want to secure the band around the bottom of your crown where it meets the brim. Now all you need to do is tie the tassels in an overhand knot + secure it so it stays put. This band will pair well with any color or shape of hat you like.

3. FeathersAdd some flair to your hat with a feather - it is a timeless way to add color + texture to your hat. After you have wrapped your band around the crown of your winter hat, tuck your vintage-style camel feather between the hat + the band for security. 

4. PinsGold plated hat pins will provide a minimal + elegant look to your hat. Pin it directly to your crown, or attach it to your hatband wherever you see fit. 

5. EmbroideryPersonalize your hat with thread + needle. Create a design that only you will be able to wear - it doesn’t have to be elaborate - it can be as simple as adding a few stitches to the edge of the brim. 

Now that you have a few new styling ideas to run with, what kind of combinations will you be putting together for your season of winter hats? There are countless ways to spark your creativity - here are some great sources you can use to get started. 

Get Inspired With Women’s Hats

Inspiration can hit you at any moment, from many different + sometimes surprising angles, so keep your eyes + your mind open. You’re influenced by everything around you from the podcasts you listen to, to the landscapes you’re surrounded by. When it comes to the hats you wear, any idea you imagine can be possible. When you love how your personal style makes you feel, then you can wear anything you want with confidence.

Hat Focused Podcasts to Inspire Your Style 

You are a woman who wears many hats + which means your calendar is constantly filled to the brim. Fashion-focused podcasts are a great way to feel connected to other women who are wearing the same kind of hats as you. You can get plenty of fresh ideas while you’re getting pumped on the Peloton or training for your first 5k run with your girl squad. We have a couple of podcast recommendations you won’t be able to stop listening to. 

“Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes” is a fantastic fashion podcast you will quickly become obsessed with. Who is Suzy Menkes + why would you be interested in listening to her? She’s a fashion critic + journalist who hosts in-depth conversations with the most influential people in the fashion world. You’ll hear from a diverse list of talented fashion minds, like Haute Couture designer Iris Van Herpen. "Creative Conversations" covers just about everything that's happening in fashion.

Stop what you’re doing right now + listen to the episode that features Stephen Jones. It will blow your hat-loving mind. He talks about his experience as a milliner (a hat maker), his time designing with Christian Dior, + his working relationship with Rihanna. This is an easy way to stay in the know, + it's just one of many podcasts that will satisfy your appetite for fashion knowledge.

“Dressed: The History of Fashion” will offer you more insights into fashion’s past than you could ever dream of. Fashion is always revisiting the most iconic trends from each era + this podcast goes deep into times you may have never really thought about before. Listen to episodes featuring current designers who use antique materials, likeMimi Prober. Or take a journey or two back in time to discover vintage clothing construction methods. Knowing the history of what you’re wearing will make the unique looks you put together that much more special. 

Fashion podcasts can be used as a wonderful source of information + they’re so enjoyable to listen to while you go about your busy day. Podcasts will inspire styling ideas + will provide you with a ton of knowledge about what you’re wearing - starting with your shoes, going all the way up to your hats. 

Nature Inspired Women’s Hats

women's fall and winter hat style

Nature is all around you - just remember to look around + it’s there for you when you need a fresh perspective. A gorgeous landscape is one of the most impactful sources of inspiration for all avenues of fashion - it provides you with color, texture, + contours that you can see replicated in your clothing. With each season comes its own kind of natural beauty that you can use for inspiration when putting on the clothes + the hats that you love so much.

Wool Hats Keep you Warm

Wondering what your warmest winter hats are woven with? We’ll walk you right into that one - it’s wool! Whether you’re worried about the weather or walking through a winter wonderland, wool will always work with your wardrobe. 

One of the many great things about wool is that it keeps you warmer than any other natural fiber is capable of.Wool has the incredible ability to trap heat in + keep it close to your body. What more could you possibly ask for when all you want is to stay toasty during the chilliest season of the year? Wool also serves you well when it rains or snows on your hat - it’s able to wick moisture away from your skin, so you can enjoy sledding down the biggest hill you can find with your family, while you stay dry + cozy.

Wow - your winter hat outfits just got a lot more exciting! Although beanies are one of the best ideas any human has ever had, having options to mix + match will forever be afashionista’s dreamcome true.  Designer Rachel Zoe says, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” So, what do you want the many hats you wear to say about yourself?  xx