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August 25, 2022 5 min read

How to Choose + Change a Hatband

How can you have everlasting hat styles when you only have one hat (so far) in your collection?Girl Scout’s honor - it's possible when you have a solid selection of hatbands! We’re letting you in on everything you need to know abouthow to change + choose a hatband

How to Choose a Hatband

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." — Diane von Furstenberg. Diane, the incredible Belgian designer, is not lyin’ about that! Finding your style can sometimes take you by surprise, you could look amazing in something you’d never think about putting on. So, there’s your first step to choosing a hatband.

Find out which styles + colors of hatbands will look good with the hats you wear. Here are a few tips to help you get started onfinding the right hatband for your hat

  1. Are you a tall crown kinda gal? If so, you probably have a Billie or a Wes felt hat in your collection. This means there's plenty of space for a wide hatband - you’ll love our cute fabric hatbands because they come in a ton of different colors + patterns, + they’re wide so they’ll look fantastic on a hat with a tall crown. 
  2. Sporting a classic fedora opens up a world of hatband possibilities. With the highly customizable Zephyr Rancher, you can pair a double-strand band or a triple-strand band for a subtle, feminine look. 
  3. Look your best in a telescope crown with the Ty or Ginger. These have a flatter type of crown + are super fun to make your own. Customize these with ourthin removable leather band-pin hatband collection. You can find these in black, cognac, camel, chocolate, stone, + blush.

The above tips are made to use as a good starting point, but don’t put a halt to your hatband search yet - there are still a lot more styles to discover, let’s get into more! 

How to Change a Hatband

You can change your hatband when you’re ready for a new hat look. It’s easy to do - the hatbands we design are all a little different, so take a look at how to change specific hatbands + we’ll tell you how to put a new hatband on…


  • Turns out tassels can be classy! Just look here at our Leather Band with Tassels - White to see for yourself. This one is made to be tied in a knot toward the back of your hat. 
  • Kinda like a belt without the buckle, ourRemovable Leather Band - Pin is easy to change, just pop the pin into place + you’re all good! 


  • Simple + stylish, our Grosgrain Bands come in various hues: black, brown, sage, taupe, dusty pink, + chocolate brown - they’ll go with any hat color you like. All you have to do is tie it in a double knot + you have your new hat style. 


  • We have aDouble Strand Rope Band that will go with every hat style, whether it has a fedora, telescope, or triangle crown. 
  • How ‘bout another strand, like the band that comes with the modern Rue - Open Crown felt hat. It’s a Triple Strand Rope Band. To secure these ones, pull the tails of the band to tighten. 


  • Steel blue, light grey, rust, camel, black, forest, + cream are gorgeous colors for you to choose from in oursophisticated Velvet Chain Band. This one is like a necklace with a clasp to hold onto the chain, choose how long or short it needs to be for your particular hat size! 


  • Ooh, The Cara Loren Bolo Hatbands are so pretty + so original with gold hardware! Slide the hardware up + down to tighten + loosen the band around your crown. 


  • Do you like having options? Then you’ll like our collection of fabric bands becausewe have a Fabric Band for everyone. You can get them in the following patterns with different colors to match your vibe: 
  • Grid Pattern
  • Floral Pattern
  • Windowpane Plaid
  • Teardrop Pattern
  • Paisley Print
  • Striped Linen

How do You Take Off a Hatband?

All the bands you just checked out are removable + just as easy to take off as they were to put on. Some bands, like thevelvet band that comes with your Miller Fedora, are not removable, but layering your hatbands gives you a leg up on your hat-style game. 

How Do you Fit a Hatband?

Gigi Pip's hatbands are made for every woman to be able to wear, no matter her hat size. So, for a lot of our hatbands, it made sense to design them to be worn with specific hat sizes in mind. 

Not sure what your hat size is?Take a look at our hat sizing guide for quick + easy help. Certain hatbands will come in the same size category as your hats do. 

  • 55 xs
  • 57 s/m
  • 59 m/l
  • 61 xl

Other hatbands will come in one size but are adjustable to fit any hat size from xs-xl. So if you have any of the chain bands, don’t worry, they’ll work with your hat no matter what. 

How do you put a hatband on a cowboy hat?

It's easy, simply wrangle your hat from its keepsake box + lasso the crown with a hatband… too much? Yeah, you’re right, we’ll dial it back. Okay, seriously though - try pairing your Ezra Western Hat with aCara Loren Bolo Hatband, our white one is made of leather + is braided so it has some texture to it that will complement the look of your hat. 

To put the bolo hatband on your cowboy hat, loosen it up by sliding the hardware toward the ends of your band so it can fit around the crown. Then place it so that the hardware is towards the back of your crown, now all you need to do is tighten it so that it doesn’t move around at all. 


Discovering your style is the first thing you can do before you choose a hatband. Even if you have your personal style where you want it, you never know what else you might like, so try everything that catches your eye. Now that we told you everything you need to know about hatbands, you can start changing, putting on, + taking off all your hatbands like a pro.