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September 08, 2022 4 min read

Gigi Pip at New York Fashion Week 2022

An entire week dedicated to fashion? In New York? Oh, we are so there! 2022 will be the first year Gigi Pip makes an appearance and we can’t wait. New York Fashion Week is everything we live for  – a community of fashion lovers whofeel confident in all the hats they wear.  


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Where Will Gigi Pip Be During Fashion Week 2022? 

We are so excited to be at fashion week from exclusive events to our retail pop up. Follow us on our Social Media accounts for an inside view. Will you be in New York? Check out Gigi Pip, we’ll be 

  • Doing a retail Fashion Week pop up!!! 
  • Find us inside the wonderfulFrank and Oak in Brooklyn, NY. Come see us at 106 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA.
  • September 16th + 17th, 11a-7p both days. 
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We decided to link up with Frank and Oak because we love their mission. Frank and Oak’s purpose is to inspire a better way of living by creating conscious products that last through time. We support and appreciate their goals and are totally aligned with what they want for their customers as it’s the same for what we want for the Gigi Pip community

Not only do we want to be in the mix for the most exciting time of year in fashion, we want to spread our love for instilling confidence in women and the many hats they wear in life. 


What is New York Fashion Week?

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An incredible week in NYC dedicated to talented designers and their upcoming collections. NYFW happens twice a year, once in February and another in September. Live streams, tutorials, panels, behind-the-scenes experiences, and fashion films take place. In short – everything fashion related you could ever want. 

1943 was the special year Fashion Week came to be. It was a happy accident that it ended up in New York, initially they called it “Press Week”. At that time, all the big fashion was happening in Paris where American press travelled to get the scoop. Because WWII was in full swing, it was decided that New York was a good place for Fashion Week to be and it stuck. 


New York Fashion Week 2022 Trends

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Fashionista.com has the latest on 11 breakout Fall 2022 trends you’ll love for Fashion Week. The best part about dressing trendy is styling your hat to match.  

  • Stress the waistline. No matter your body type, curvy or not, it’s all about the waist this year. Go with a subtle hat style like thepopular Zephyr Rancher. This felt classic is still a statement piece but can still allow your waist to be the center of attention. 
  • Designers are loving rich browns this season. Since we’re obsessed with neutral colors, here at Gigi Pip we have countless styles in shades and tints of brown.
  • Corsets are back and there’s no limit to what you can wear with them. Dresses, jeans, full skirts, and your favorite hat. We think a beret with metal detailing would be just the accessory to match.

Anything goes when it comes to prints and textures for Fall 2022. Tweed, party sequins, and powerful pink are a must for any occasion you find yourself. Whatever allows you to walk around with confidence is a go! You’ll be looking and feeling amazing when you go to NY Fashion Week. 

Can Anyone Attend NY Fashion Week?

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Anyone can attend NYFW. Depending on what your interests are, what your schedule is like, and what your budget is, you can experience your dream Fashion Week. 

For official NY Fashion Week access, you can buy tickets based on which experiences you’re interested in. There are packages that can grant you access backstage, to exclusive runway shows, or to meet the designers in person. 

Curated VIP experiences take care of your trip to Fashion Week from beginning to end. Get your flights, lodging and transportation, activities, and dining all planned for you in advance. Invite-only and after parties are available to you as well. Can’t decide what to wear to the runway show you’re headed to? Get a personal stylist appointment on your schedule.  

When is New York Fashion Week?

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Thefull Fashion Week schedule spans not only New York, but also London, Paris, L.A., and Miami. The dates for NYFW begin Friday, September 9, and will go until Wednesday, September 14. Fashion collections from designers around the world are shown to the general public ticket holders, buyers, and the press for the first time.  


Where Exactly is Fashion Week in New York?

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Runway shows and other events will be taking place all over the city depending on what you’re looking for. Although, headquarters will be at Spring Studios at 50 Varick Street. 

Panels, parties, and backstage access will all be in person. If you can’t make the trip, don’t worry! You can still catchrunway shows online at CFDA Runway 360. Also, follow all your favorite designers on their social media platforms to catch footage of their shows. 

Gigi Pip’s first NY Fashion Week is so exciting for us to be able to share with you. Our pop up store in Frank and Oak will be one for the books! Whether you’re able to make it in person, or following on Social, we can’t wait to see you.   xx