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January 28, 2022 3 min read

What does wearing a hat say about you? Well, that depends on the hat you’re wearing, of course! We love how each hat style communicates something different, whether you’re wearing a beanie or bowler hat.

Check out our take to see what your hat might say about you!

What Does Wearing a Hat Symbolize?

Hats have historically been a symbol of socioeconomic status or profession. But today, most people wear hats for functionality or style. Hat etiquette is much looser these days, and just about anything goes! (Lucky us!)

Review some of our top-selling hat styles to see which personality types fit with each hat!

1. Knit Beanie

Are you known to rock a knit beanie? If so, you’re probably that girl who always looks effortlessly cool, whether hanging out at the skate park with the boys or enjoying a late-night dinner with friends. Every outfit seems as if it came together in seconds (even if you secretly spent days deciding which color combo was best). You know how to down a pizza or pint of Ben & Jerry’s with the best of them, and you’re always down for a spontaneous outdoor adventure.

2. Cream Rancher Hat

If you’re a girl who loves wearing a cream-colored rancher hat, you may be the type who likes to stand out in a crowd. Where others zig, you zag. You’d rather pave your own path than conform to the status quo—and that’s what your friends and family love about you. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or a creative. No matter what you’re doing, it’s sure to have the stamp of your signature style.

3. Pink Triangle Crown Hat

Girls who are drawn to the pink triangle crown hat have a bohemian, feminine style that’s woven into their wardrobe choices, interior design aesthetic, music taste, and more. If that’s you, we can bet you’re someone who loves going with the flow, soaking up the moment, and finding magic in the everyday. You might be someone who is drawn to natural, sustainable products and loves living a healthy lifestyle.

4. Fedora

Is a fedorayour go-to hat? Then you’re probably a true city slicker at heart. (Even if you spend most days in the suburbs!) You feel totally at home when visiting art galleries, listening to live music, or eating an amazing meal at a hot new restaurant. You’re a trendsetter among your social circles and always looking for cultural events to make you feel more alive!

5. Lifeguard Hat

If a lifeguard hat is your favorite accessory, you’re likely a girl who loves the sun. You live for pool days, boating adventures, and beach trips. Maybe you don’t live on the coast—but it’s certainly your dream! You’re the girl everyone calls when they want some excitement in their life, and you’re never one to hold a grudge. Life is too short for drama!

6. Baseball Cap

We love a girl in a ballcap! You too? Then you’re probably that all-American girl everyone loves to be around. You’re athletic, well-rounded, and easy to please. You make sure your outfits are practical for everyday living but always on-trend and put-together. You might be a proud soccer mom, avid hiker, or gym junkie. Any way you spin it, you’re someone who doesn’t take life too seriously and is up for any challenge.

7. Bucket Hat

Whether you lived through the 90s or are rocking the look for the first time, a bucket hat is a bold choice you wear flawlessly. You’re the first to know about a bingeworthy Netflix series or an up-and-coming singer. Friends always turn to you for style advice and a confidence boost, and you have plenty of it to pass around. You’re not afraid to say it like it is and offer a dose of sass to keep life interesting.

Find Your Perfect Hat Today

While Gigi Pip hats may fit neatly into a box, we know each personality is far more complex than that. Still, it’s fun to imagine what each hat style might say about your interests, likes, and dislikes.

Looking for a hat that shows off your personality? Head to Gigi Pip to find your perfect match.