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February 28, 2022 7 min read

Little Girl Hats:

The Gigi Pip Fashion Guide

Hats are a little girl's best friend, especially on the day she decides to use your craft scissors to cut her own hair (it happens to the best of us, don't worry!). Little girls are always adorable in hats, which is why we made this Gigi Pip Fashion Guide for you + your fashionista-in-the-making. We’ll show you how to match her favorite hats with her outfits, hairdos, +boundless energy for life.

little girls wearing felt fedora hats outside

The Many Mini Hats She Wears

Your girl is itty bitty with a big personality + a budding wardrobe fit for all the exciting things she gets herself into throughout the day. Your daughter, granddaughter, or niece is full of curiosity + wonder - she wants to dress up in the hats that allow her to shine to her fullest potential with all the many mini hats she wears. She wants to express her personality + we have just the hat to go along with every little girl’s interests + activities.  


Little Girl Hats for the Rule Bender

Your little lady uses all the colors in her crayon box - she’s not afraid to go outside the lines + sprinkle a little glitter on top. 

She likes to wear every color she can find in the chest of drawers you painted to match hercute bedroom aesthetic. Havingchic kid’s hats for her to pair with her fun outfits will, without fail, put a smile on her face all day long. 

For a little lady with the confidence to wear anything she likes, the classy kid’s Maude will be the hat for her. If she loves her baseball caps but wants to try something new, thekid’s linen newsboy cap can become her favorite style that she can wear when she’s out playing around or settling down with a book. 

Little Girl Hats for the Explorer

little girl wearing brown felt fedora hat in Spring

Now is her time to explore all the colors, patterns, + textures she loves to wear. Your mini fashionista will always be curious about her wonderful clothes + hats. As she tries each item on to figure out how they look + feel, she can narrow it down to her collection of favorites. 

Every explorer wants to figure out the unknown, including your little one. She’ll want to mix + match all sorts of colors + patterns in all kinds of original ways that nobody else could dream up. Watch her explore her personal style + you’ll get to see the adorable looks she comes up with.

3 Gigi Pip Hats for Her

  1. Milo:an adorable pom beanie that will go with your little explorer’s wardrobe any day of the week.
  2. Monroe:a dusty pink rancher style fedora with a timeless design she can wear as she’s growing.
  3. Dahlia: thefelt boater flat crown your little girl will love to wear all over town. 


Little Girl Hats for the Training Wheel Master 

Her training wheels won’t be on for long, pretty soon she’ll be riding her bike + choosing the outfits she wants to wear all on her own.  

Whether she’s playing freeze tag or creating a game she sketched out on the sidewalk,a quality hat that fits your little lady well enough to stay on through all of the running + hopping around is priceless. 


Little Girl Hats for Her

little girl wearing felt hat

No two little girls are the same, yet, they all have something significant in common - they need to get dressed every day. Sometimes you dress your little lady on your way out the door just in the nick of time. Other days you let her choose what outfit she’s going to put on. In any case, it’s good to have the basics laid out + it’s great to have accessories on hand, likeyour daughter’s favorite hat

8 Hats All Little Girls Love

Cara Loren

This is akid’s felt hat with a roll brim + classic fedora style crown. Nothing is cuter than a rambunctious little girl with a sophisticated hat. 


A rancher style hat that has a timeless teardrop crown, with a classic bow on the side + matching trim on the edge of the brim. This comes in brown + oatmeal - these neutral colors will go with your little one’s outfits, no matter what she picks to wear for the day. 


Gambler style with a telescope crown + slightly upturned brim.This hat is great for little ladiesbecause it can be customized with a wrap or minimal band around the crown, giving her more fun options to play with.

little girls wearing boater style and fedora style wool hats


A boater hat isone of the best styles for kid’s hats, they’re just so cute! A flat crown with a stiff brim will have your mini looking absolutely adorable.   


Kids can choose either mustard or ivory in this fedora style hat. The crown is tall + the brim is flat - this is a hat your little will love to wear


With a wide brim + flat crown,this boater style straw hat screams sunshine

Linen Newsboy Cap

Little girls were made to wear this cap - the shell is 100% linen, with a natural linen color, + a quilted polyester liner. The brim + headband are stiff + will keep their shape no matter what kind of busy day your little one has. 

Pom Beanie

Faux fur pom beanies will be one of her favorite things to wear. Made of 60% recycled polyester + 6% spandex to give it a little stretch, this is the cutest beanie there is for little girls.

Hats: Little Girl Style

Hats are amazing all on their own, but they also really compliment your little girl’s entire outfit. An outfit that is off the charts cute can be even more elevated when you pair it with a great hat. Similarly, the way your mini’s hair is styled can be coordinated with her hat + outfit to finish off abeautiful little look

Hat Hair Styles For Little Ladies

little girls wearing wool hats

Curly, straight, long, or short - don’t cover it up - all hair can look incredibly styled with a hat.Little girl’s hair styling is so much fun + the possibilities are endless for letting it flow naturally, or putting it up in ponies, braids, + buns. 

Hair Buns with Hats

A low messy bun is just right for a girl in a little felt rancher hat. It’s easy to do + you can teach her how it works so she can start doing it on her very own. 

One bun is wonderful, but how about two? These mini buns can be side by side, or switch it up + have two buns, one on top of the other - the boater hat would be a good match for this hairdo since the crown is on the shallow side. 

Hair Braids with Hats

Braids provide a great opportunity for you to practice yourimpressive hair skills - with so many to choose from, little girls can have a different braid every day of the week. 

A basic 3 strand braid over the shoulder can be a little girl’s best friend - she can learn it quickly + it will keep her hair out of her face + under her hat. 

Fishtail braids are so aesthetically pleasing + create a gorgeous visual that no other braid can achieve.  

Double Dutch braids will be a perfect addition to a little girl’s pom beanie - luckily, the beanie has some stretch to it, so it can fit over those robust braids. 


Let it Flow, Let it Flow! 

little girl with long curly hair wearing wool fedora hat

Little girls don’t always have long hair that can be put up into buns + braids - some girls have cute short haircuts that look just as charming with hats. 

A bob with bangs is one of the most endearing hairstyles a little girl can have. This haircut shapes little faces so well + will look angelic with a gambler-style hat

Short + wavy offers natural, fun-loving little girl vibes that will pair with the newsboy cap as your mini-plays her little heart out. 


Little Girl Hats for Every Season

little girl wearing a linen newsboy cap

Tis the season, every season, to wear hats. As the landscape drifts from one season to the next, + as the temperature fluctuates - she’ll want different hats to match her clothes from summer dresses to snowsuits.  

Kids Winter Hats

Wool felt hats will keep your little lady warm + cozy from December to March. If her hair covers her ears to keep them warm - all the better. 

Beanies or bust. Little girls are always nice ‘n snug in a well-knit beanie. She’ll get to make snow angels with her friends for hours as long as she is dry + toasty with her pom beanie. 

Kids Spring Hats

Boater hats, like the kid’s Capri, are lovely for your little one to wear while she hangs out on the dock looking for tadpoles. She’ll get to experience the warmth of wearing the hat + the lightness of the felt, allowing for the most ideal spring cap. 

Kids Summer Hats

Nothing says summertime better than a little girl’s floppy straw hat. Pair a neatly woven straw hat with her white summer dress + strappy sandals - she’ll be beaming as she runs through the freshly cut grass. 

Kids Fall Hats

She has her jean jacket + her slip-resistant duck boots, nowall she needs this season is her mustard yellow fedora style hat. She’ll be blending in with the colors of the season while she jumps into leaf piles in the yard.  

Styling Little Girl Hats

pink fedora kids hat with summer dress

Little girls are spunky, inquisitive, + ready to take on the world. Whatever their little life is like, a good hat is always a must when it comes to adding to their wardrobe. 

Hats can help little girls express themselves. However their personal style develops, a hat can always fit in the mix. You have a little tomboy on your hands - pair a little girl’s straw hat with her patched-up overalls. 

Your little girl loves dresses so much that she hardly wears anything else - a felt hat with a fedora crown + roll brim will be her favorite go-to hat - whether she picks dusty pink or heather gray. 

little girls wearing felt hats in Spring
Confident little girls can do anything they put their minds to. It doesn’t matter whether they’re finger painting, skateboarding, playing the piano, or decorating sugar cookies - little ladies can wear hats all the time. A well-made little girl’s hat will be a fun + wonderful addition to your little fashionista’s wardrobe. Wearing hats isn’t just about style, it’s about wearing things that make you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. When little girls wear hats, they’re practicing confidence from the inside out.  xx