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March 28, 2018 3 min read

We get so many questions all the time about all kinds of hat topics from how to hang your hats, how to pack your hats and how to fix crushed hats.

One common question we get asked a lot is about hat etiquette. When is it appropriate to wear a hat and when should you go without? What kind of hat is best for certain occasions? Knowing when and where to wear your hat is just as important as finding the perfect hat for your head shape and hair color.

So if you're questioning when and where to wear your Gigi Pip hat, don't fret, we're breaking down the history of hat etiquette and the low down on all things hat rules!

When it comes to hat wearing, there is definitely a generational gap. There was a time when everyone knew the rules of hats, but when hats fell out of fashion a few decades ago there is now a huge question mark on hat etiquette for some people. Now that hats are back in, it's time to set the record straight. We've gotcha guys!

Throughout the course of history, hats signified social standing and class. Since the beginning of time, hats were removed to show signs of respect. Men were and are usually expected to take their hats, usually worn casually, off as a sign of respect no matter what. On the other hand, women wear hats to accessorize and compliment their outfit rather than for functionality.

Nowadays, things have changed and we live in a more modern era. For women, there are so many more hat options than there were 100 years ago. There are fedoras,straw hats,cabby hats, floppy hats, baseball hats, berets, beanies, you name it. With more options, comes more freedom and rules not as clearly defined as they were in the past. 

The Ultimate Guide to Hat Etiquette

Hat: Sophie Beret

According to hat etiquette guidelines, women's fashion hats (not baseball caps) can be left on:

  • In someone's home 

  • At luncheons, weddings or garden parties 

  • At some religious services ( can be seen as disrespectful)

  • At a play or movie if it's not blocking someone's view 

  • When the National Anthem is played 

  • When the American flag passes by

    If you choose to wear a baseball style hat,remove them when:
  • At formal restaurants or formal meals 

  • In a house of worship 

  • When the National Anthem is playing 

  • When you are in the presence of the American flag 

Hat etiquette can be tricky, but lucky for us it's 2018 and hats are all the rage with a lot fewer rules. No sweat. Go crazy hat lovers!

So if you've got a summer wedding to attend, a 50th birthday party or even a GNO to your favorite sushi restaurant, chances are you can get away with just about any of our felt hats like theEmmaScottieor even the Leo.

If you're headed out to a BBQ in the park or a casual restaurant for date night, we would recommend rocking theAda or the Moe

The Ultimate Guide to Hat Etiquette

Hat: Leo- The Perfect Flop Fedora 

The Ultimate Guide to Hat Etiquette

Hat: Roxy Distressed Baseball Hat

We may be a little biased, but we think any day you're wearing your Gigi Pip hat is a good day, but hopefully, this clears up any misconceptions or confusion you may have on hat etiquette. As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!


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