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June 18, 2024 2 min read

The Hat Always Fits

It was my fourth wedding anniversary + the first since having my daughter three months earlier. My husband had planned a perfect, low-key date night to sushi, complete with a babysitter so we could enjoy a real meal together. I couldn’t wait to feel like myself again, shedding the baggy sweats + oversized T-shirts I’d been wearing for months. That excitement quickly faded when I looked in my closet to see nothing but maternity jeans + pre-pregnancy outfits that had no chance of fitting. I almost canceled, knowing that whatever I wore, I wouldn’t feel my best.


Woman with Straw Boater hat in Europe with Eiffel Tower in distance


Since college, my closet has undergone numerous iterations. It once contained an abundance of peplum tops + those turquoise statement necklaces (you all know the ones I'm talking about). It then transitioned into post-college professional clothes that didn’t quite hit the mark. The pre-mom phase was the sweet spot of personal style, with classic button-downs, perfectly fitting jeans, + versatile dresses that suited many occasions. As I moved from dorm to apartment, + house to house, the ritualistic cleaning of the closet resulted in many donated bags of clothing. Regardless of how much I needed to downsize, there was one category of my closet that always made the cut: my Gigi Pip hats.

This is what brought me back to my senses before I could tell my husband to order in + cancel the babysitter on our anniversary. In the back of my mind, I knew I had something in my closet that would make me feel like, well, me. Not just the present me, fresh into motherhood, but the me that would throw on my favorite beanie for recess duty as a teacher, the me that shrieked upon finding the perfect vintage dress to match my favorite blush Shiloh fedora, the me that packed a straw boater around half of Europe for a summer.

I found some not-too-obvious maternity jeans, a pre-pregnancy tank with a lot of give, + pulled out the straw boater. Date night was just what we needed, + my increased confidence resulted in one of my favorite pictures of myself, taken by my husband. I realized that night, it isn’t about the outfit; it's about how the outfit makes you feel. My Gigi Pip hats are like a wearable scrapbook. Each has memories that, just like the hats, will last a lifetime.


Woman wearing hat in city street


As I venture farther into my style evolution, Gigi Pip hats remain the cornerstone of every outfit, always there to elevate an everyday jeans + T-shirt look, to wear for family photos, + to throw on while working outside in the garden with my little girl next to me. During my last closet cleanout, I decided my hats needed a place of honor. A few dollar-spot hooks later, I now see my favorite items every day. My jeans may need to be rotated out every year, + the trendy tops from each season will come + go, but the hat always fits.


Woman holding baby wearing Straw Boater next to closet with hats hanging


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