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August 04, 2022 4 min read

Become a Gigi Pip Ambassador: Everyone’s Invited

If you love hats + want to join a community of confidence-boosting women from all over the world, then the Gigi Pip ambassador program is for you. You can become an ambassador in a few simple steps. Once you’re a Gigi Pip ambassador you’ll start getting points for campaign participation and earning commission on your sales instantly. 

Benefits of Becoming a Gigi Pip Ambassador 

  • Be the first to know about new product launches before anyone else. Like,way before.
  • Earn 15% commission on all sales driven by you. 
  • Earn points to cash in rewards like free products, personal-use discounts, and gift cards.
  • Membership in an uplifting community of empowering hat-lovers.  

What hat-loving woman wouldn’t want early access to all her favorite products, right? When you join the ambassador program you can start earning points and commission right away. 

3 Simple Steps to Join 

  1. Take (literally) one minute to fill out this quickbrand ambassador application.
  2. Receive your acceptance confirmation email along with your designated dashboard link.
  3. Opt-in for any of the campaigns you want to earn points and commission from.

How Can I Earn Commission From Sales?

Our ambassador program generates a customizable personalized link for you to share with your audience. When your followers use this link, the commission from that sale will show up on the “referrals” section of your dashboard. When you exude confidence in the hats you wear your followers will run to use your link as fast as they can.  

You can track your earnings on your personalized ambassador account and receive a 15% commission on all sales you drive. Commission payments will be sent out every month via Paypal. 


How Do I Earn Points and Why Do I Want Them?

Each campaign will have a specified amount of points that are available upon completion of the campaign deliverables. This can range anywhere from 200-500 points per campaign, depending on the deliverables attached. 

Some of our campaigns will be quick and easy ones where you're promoting a sale. Others may have a bit more content creation or deliverables required. As long as you’re checking off each requirement stated for that campaign, you will earn the maximum points.

Deliverables may include posting on Instagram stories or on your Instagram feed post. Posting on your Facebook post or story may be an option as well. You’ll find out what you need to do in the “activities” tab on your campaign page. Once you post, you can click the little bubble next to the specified activity and you’re officially on your way to becoming an amazing ambassador. 


How Do I Keep Track of My Points and Commission? 

No need to worry about keeping track of the points and commission you’ve earned. Your dashboard homepage will keep a record of everything you need to know for you.  Check how many points you have earned, what your referral numbers are, and see how close you are to your next milestone. 


What are Milestones and How Do I Get There?

On your Gigi Pip ambassador dashboard, you will see a "milestones" section that shows how your points translate into rewards. Your dashboard outlines the 4 milestone tiers you can reach and what you earn upon reaching the specified amount of points. 

  • Bronze. When you have earned 1,000 points you’ll be bumped up to the next milestone. 
  • Silver. 5,000 points will award you free money toward your next Gigi Pip purchase, and it only gets better from there.
  • Gold. Going strong with up to 7,500 points to cash in, keep it up!
  • Platinum. Wow! Earning 15,000 points is a big deal and you should pat yourself on the back. You should also treat yourself to a new hat with the gift card you earned! 

As you continue building your points you will reach new milestones. Each milestone awards you a one-time use gift card for your next Gigi Pip purchase. Remember the gift card is especially for you and not to be shared with your audience. 

Where Can I Find Campaign Details?

Click on the “Campaigns” tab in your dashboard for details on how to attain the highest amount of points. This tab will also be where you get your referral link so you can start earning your 15% commission for sales you generate. 

Once you’re in the “Campaigns” tab you’ll see a few sections labeled overview, activities, and guidelines for each individual campaign. 

  • The overview will give you the details of the campaign along with your referral code.
  • In the activities section, you’ll find out what the requirements are. Each campaign will be a bit different, so be sure to check this tab for each new launch.
  • Our campaign guidelines will walk you through helpful talking point starters and go over branding policies and a few do’s and don’ts.

How Do I Become a Great Brand Ambassador?

Have confidence in yourself and the many hats you wear! You have a strong passion for hats, but can you get your audience on your level?Being a successful brand ambassador is about sharing a product you believe in with your family, friends, and followers. 

Being a Gigi Pip ambassador is about more than spreading the word about the hats you love. It’s about being a member of an empowering community where everyone’s invited from all around the world. Earn points and commission when you inspire other women to wear many hats with confidence. xx