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April 05, 2023 4 min read


It’s 2024 + it feels like there is always a hot new must-have product hitting the shelves. It’s hard to keep up! Between all of the trends + social media fads it’s easy to find ourselves purchasing an endless amount of products that, in the end, may or may not have been totally worth it + now we’re stuck storing the dang thing in a drawer somewhere. This is especially disheartening when the product was promised to help make life easier to begin with, not clutter up your storage closets. Sound familiar? 

Let’s get a little bit more specific. Have you ever tried traveling with a new hat? The stress!! Believe it or not, it doesn’t actually have to be stressful + there are several products worthy of solving this balancing act (that won’t end up cluttering your closets or causing buyers remorse.) We’re here to introduce a new way to travel with a hat, break down the value behind traveling with a hat carrier + how these hat carrying totes can quickly become a daily essential product, all made with quality to last a lifetime (no hats required.)


Hayes hat carrying genuine leather tote and woman in sunglasses



The Hayes Hat Carrying Tote sold out in record timing + went absolutely viral on the internet multiple times. If that doesn’t say “I NEED THIS BAG” then we don’t know what does! What makes this tote so special? This luxe, everyday tote is meant to carry the essentials of daily life + as a bonus adds a high-quality flair to your wardrobe. When it comes to functional fashion, we thought of it all. Internally, this bag comes equipped with an open pocket + a zipper pocket to secure any loose items in place as well as a padded laptop sleeve for laptops up to 13". The innovative “U” strap on the exterior allows for you to carry your hat with ease through the airport for those moments when wearing it on your head isn’t ideal. This eliminates the worry of the weight of your hat being too much, such as you’d have to consider with a travel hat clip. It’s luxurious, functional + built with 100% quality Genuine Leather for ultimate durability. No matter where you’re going or which Gigi Pip hat is in tow, the Hayes Hat Carrying Tote is your next essential hat travel bag.


three photos of the hayes hat carrying tote and a woman wearing it

hayes hat carrying tote featured on a rolling suitcase and a woman in a western hat wearing the bag



But wait, there are more options so you can truly optimize your on-the-go travel experience. The Gigi Pip Canvas Hat Carrying Tote is the sister of the Black Leather Work Tote + the Leather Hat Carrying Tote, just a bit softer. The 100% Organic Cotton Canvas material is heavy duty + features a snap closure on top to secure your items. This bag is packable, reliable + features the infamous straps to secure your hat in place for situations when wearing the hat on your head may be less than ideal. Take your Seabreeze Straw Hat + the Canvas Hat Carrying Tote to the beach or to the local splash pad with the kiddos. You can safely secure your hat to the adjustable canvas straps when you're out at play + then pull your hat back on when it’s time for some sun coverage. Don’t forget to pack the snacks + sunscreen!


canvas hat carrying tote with a straw hat attached to the outside



Finding the righthat case for travel may need to start with assessing your hat collection + envisioning how you want to look when you reach your destination. It’s popular to pick cute + curated travel outfits so that you’re photo-ready for any opportunity that comes your way (such as an angel wings mural painted on a city wall), but traveling with all of the perfect outfits isn’t always ideal in regards to luggage space. We want options + we neeed our hats to make the packing list! Straw for beach + poolside, felt for boardwalk strolls + dinner reservations. Then, ball caps for the travel days + a beret in case an art museum shows up on the itinerary….. Don’t fret. The Gigi Pip Hat Travel Case is the solution to your problems. Featuring a comfortable strap to carry over your shoulder, thistravel case for hats can hold up to 3 of your favorite styles at a time with plenty of wiggle room so no brim goes folded. Use the trolley pass on the back to secure your hat carrying case to your luggage. Problem solved + photo-opps, we're ready for you!


A women wearing a hat travel case that holds 2-3 hats inside



If you’ve been around here at Gigi Pip for a while then you may be familiar with our Hat Keepsake Boxes. The Hat Keepsake box is an option for you to select when you are checking out your cart, acting as protection while your hats travel to your doorstep + then even still post-arrival as the perfect hat storage!You can fit up to three of your hats in our sturdy keepsake box (depending on crown height + how snug they fit together) - simply place them inside with the crown down into the carved out hole so that your brims don’t lose their shape. But aren’t we talking about travel? The Hat Keepsake Box comes equipped with a reliable carrying handle, making this a popularhat box for traveling. Safely stack your box of hats inside of your car among other luggage or stash her in the overhead compartment of an airplane in confidence, knowing that your prized possessions will make it to your destination untouched. Once you’ve made it back there’s no need to unpack your hats. Thistravel hat box makes the perfect at-home storage for your collection.


hat keepsake box with a hat inside showing the functionality + protection


Say less! Shop the travel bag accessories collection now! Or, if you’d like to learn more about how to fix a smashed hat (because let’s face it, things happen) then visit our Hat Care Guide to learn more HERE.