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April 05, 2023 4 min read

When the first sign of spring hits we are immediately antsy to pack up what's left of our snow ski outfits + get ready for some sun. This is about the same time we all start preparing ourselves for travel season whether that looks like a vacation, necessary work trips ramping up or even our kids' extracurriculars sending us around the valley. Whether you plan to cover thousands of miles or to make core memories close to home this season, we're here to share how to travel in style + even more importantly, how to travel with a hat confidently.



Typically we don’t associate looking cute with being at the top of our priorities while in the midsts of traveling, unless we’re talkin' already being at our destination + the airport in the rearview mirror behind us. This is why we usually have our in-the-middle-oftraveling outfits + then we have ourcute travel outfits. Did you know that you can do both with ease? We’re here to teach you how to be the ultimate cute, comfy + ready to go no matter the situation.



Or in other words, the “being a mom” outfit inspiration. Many people in our community have Mom at the top of their long list of hats that they wear in their daily lives. Oftentimes, this puts fashion + self care on the back burner of priorities under the “what’s fast, easy + effective” categories. Take our advice! You too can be short on time + still live fashion forward. Snag a staple ball cap for quick errands + the Monroe felt fedora for those hair days where dry shampoo just miiiiight not cut it. The Gigi Pip Leather Hat Carrying Tote will do the rest by keeping your daily essentials tucked comfortably under your arm.  




This ones for the Boss Babes who are always on the go, busy putting out fires + making magic happen everywhere you go. We may look put together but the secret to her success is in the bag. The Gigi Pip Black Leather Work Tote was originally inspired to make every day a little easier without having to sacrifice your fashion-forward agenda. Now we can take our hats on the go without worry of ruining, losing or blemishing your hat while you’re out + about. Our favorite feature is the "U" shaped strap on the front. This strap secures your hat into place for those moments when you only want to commit to your hat for a few hours at a time!




Deciding what to bring when you go to the beach for a day can be daunting. Don’t worry, your sun-filled future doesn’t have to be stressful in regards to traveling with some UV protection! Pack the Gwen Wide Brim Sun Hat+ throw your water bottle, journal, disposable camera + snacks into the Canvas Travel Tote. Feeling like it’s time to switch up your cute summer beach outfit? Diversify your go-to’s by pairing your summer layers with a Amy Ball Cap, Lyric Straw Visor, adjustable Sal Crochet Bucket Hat or a Dahlia Boater felt short brim fedora. These styles can go from beachside exploring to your evening patio dinner reservation.



On the go in the city can mean a lot of ride shares, expensive souvenirs when you’re suddenly needing any kind of essential from the corner store + swift walking to the counter to get your name on any dinner reservation list. Don’t look as though these are the worst things! When you look cute, exude confidence + have all of your personal items tucked close in your Black Leather Work Tote, you can handle the city from sunrise to sunset as if you were a local.




Hats are an essential when spending time in the desert, especially if you’re planning to be poolside for the majority of your time. Be sure to pack your packable Winnie Visor, Capri Medium Straw Hat + Rylee Bucket Hat to be sure you’re covered when spending a lot of time in the sun + have options to choose from while doing so. These looks pair with daywear to nightwear so you can be versatile with your look without having to pack an endless amount of accessories in your carry-on.



(Utah? We had to. We also just really want you to come see us here at Gigi Pip HQ.) If you enjoy any kind of winter sport such as skiing or snowboarding then you've probably heard that Utah has the greatest snow on earth. Here’s what we’re saying. We’re inviting you to Salt Lake City to come visit our store, find your perfect hat styles with a hat expert + snag one of our infamous Hat Travel Cases with a Plastic Cover so that you can travel home with your new collection in confidence. Not only do you get the in-store exclusive Band Bar experience but you get to enjoy your new local, fashion forward hats while you’re here!




Whatever you do, don’t put your hat unprotected in the overhead bin of an airplane. End of story.




Have you ever traveled with a hat before? We’ve seen some crazy things.. Luckily, there are several methods to traveling with a hat that doesn’t have to be total madness. We’ve curated scenarios from grocery store runs to European tours to cover how you can stay both functional + fashionable while traveling because you can do both! Visit ourTravel with Your Hat: The Best Hat Luggage Case blog to learn more about how you can travel with a hat with ease.
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