August 11, 2022

Style the Cove with Your Fall Wardrobe:  Timeless Straw Hat Outfits for Every Season

With confidence, you can wear straw any time of year. Typically straw hat outfits become popular as warm weather approaches. At Gigi Pip, we believe straw hats will inspire confidence in you all year long. 

Can I Wear a Cove Straw Hat?

Girl, you know you can! Our number one goal when designing the Cove was for you to feel confident while wearing it. Whether you just started wearing hats or you’re a seasoned pro, this straw fedora is for you. 

Think of the Cove as the fedora that breathes class and sophistication. This classic flat brim hat has been thoughtfully handcrafted in Mexico. Its Guatemalan palm straw is not only beautiful but strong, ensuring it will pass the test of time. 

The Cove is certainly bold but is a super approachable straw style at the same time. 

  • The slightly pinched crown with rounded edges gives the Cove a soft, feminine look. It’s easy to put this hat with anything you already have in your closet. 
  • A flat brim with a contrasting finish around the edge gives you structure and sophistication. You can take the Cove to the beach, then out to dinner with jeans and a heel. 
  • Boldness comes from the elevated crown and somewhat wide brim. The shape of the Cove really is for everyone, whether it’s your first hat or you have a growing collection. 

Straw Outfit Ideas for Every Season

With each season comes different colors, textures, and layers in your wardrobe. Straw also comes in different weaves and colors that are ideal year-round. Straw is super versatile and it’s a flawless way to finish your seasonal looks any time of year. 

Can I Wear the Cove Straw Fedora for Fall?

Cove in Autumn is an absolute must. We know straw is typically associated with Spring and Summer, but it’s great for chilly weather too. The Cove is a handwoven, high-quality palm straw fedora. The tight weave keeps the shape of the Cove strong and structured. And, you can easily layer it with your Fall wardrobe. 

The Guatemalan palm straw we use for the Cove has a light and natural hue to it, so it will naturally go with everything in your closet. No matter what the upcoming Fall trend colors are, your neutral flat brim fedora will match. 

How to Wear Straw Hats In Hot Summer Weather?

A straw visor for the Summer heat is the way to go. A Gigi Pip visor keeps the sun out of your eyes and still allows you to get a nice Summer breeze. We have three beautiful straw visors.

  1. Eliza Visor. A two-toned paper straw visor tightly woven in a diamond pattern, with canvas trim. The Eliza is a structured and sophisticated visor. 
  2. Winnie Visor - Honey. The queen of visors. Our packable Winnie visor has got you covered on all sides with excellent sun protection. If you’re a sit by the pool and read a good book kind of woman, this extra wide visor is for you. 
  3. Lyric Visor. A natural wheat straw visor finished with a black + white jacquard ribbon tie. The Lyric is chic and offers your outfit just the right about of color and texture. 

How to Wear Straw Hats Year-round?

Apres Ski Hat Outfit for Winter 

Who says you can’t wear a straw fedora for all your fun Winter activities? The bestseller River - Ivory with a chunky knit sweater will keep you warm and fashion-forward after a day of skiing with your friends. 

The River has an adjustable chinstrap made of genuine leather, which is a great texture to bring into your Winter wear. The River and other straw styles are also a great look for Spring.

Spring Straw Hat Outfit 

Straw is great for your everyday outings as well as a weekend getaway. Don’t you love Spring? It’s not too toasty and it’s the prime time to sit outside sipping lemonade. Adjust your straw the way you like and enjoy simply being. 

Where Do People Wear Straw Hats?

Literally, everywhere you go on any given day. Movie night with the family, drinks with your close friends, even to your aprés ski bonfire. It truly doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Some of our straw styles have a loose weave, which is great for airflow. Other straw shapes we carry are woven tightly, making it a great option for you if you tend to run cold. 

3 Distinct Gigi Pip Straw Styles to Wear All Year

You’re guaranteed to find one of our straw shapes to fit your style, face shape, and wardrobe. Being inclusive is super important to us, so we make styles every woman will feel confident wearing. 

  • Flat brim fedora. The Cove - Natural, a sophisticated flat-brim fedora is the ultimate straw style because you can dress it up or wear it casually in any weather, year-round. The Cove is chic enough to wear with a dress and casual enough to pair with a jumper.
  • Crochet bucket. Sal is special because it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Find the Sal in your size, from xs-xl with our signature adjustable inner band. You can style the Sal with anything from swimsuits to outerwear, making it one of the best all season straw styles. 
  • Boater style. The Capri is a boater crown with a wide flat brim featuring a removable double-strand rope band with brass beads. This style gives you options. You can choose how wide you want your brim between two styles, short and medium. Another choice you’ll want to make is the shade of wheat straw, either natural or brown. 

We have a wide range of timeless straw styles for you. Match straw with all of your seasonal ensembles whether it’s Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall. Just like your seasonal wardrobe, straw hats come in a variety of colors, textures, and silhouettes. Pick your favorite straw styles to wear any time of year. xx