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August 18, 2022 5 min read

History of the Bucket Hat Everything you Need to Know

What do shopping, growing veggies, + going for a boat ride all have in common? Sounds crazy, but people have been doing these things while wearing bucket hats since the early 1900s! We have so much more to tell you about the history of the bucket hat, from when it was first atop a fisherman’s head to its influence on fashion today.

Women's bucket hat

Where Did Bucket Hats Come From?

Ireland is known for some of the best inventions ever: color photography, flavored potato chips (shout out to Dill Pickle), + at the top of the list - is the bucket hat! Let’s all raise a glass to the Irish for giving us one of the most beloved hat styles in all of history. 

In the beginning, the bucket hat was purely utilitarian - the brim was the star of the show because it could protect the back of a farmer's neck while also blocking the sun from their eyes. The versatile bucket hat started out as workwear + has since turned into a delightful fashion accessory that can cross over into any look.

Bucket Hats for Women: The Rylee Bucket Hat

Cream bucket hat with short hair

Bucket hats for women  – that big idea is where the birth of the Rylee comes in! We wanted to make a bucket hat the Gigi Pip way - that means we made it with attention to detail + high-quality materials, especially for women. We also wanted to move away from the “one size fits all” routine, offering the bucket hat in adjustable sizes, from XS-XL. 

Creatinga bucket hat all women can wear + feel confident in was our #1 goal when we started designing The Rylee + based on reviews from our customers, we’ve accomplished that goal! 

We wanted our version of the bucket hat to have all of the characteristics people love about it but with an elevated look. So we made sure our Rylee bucket hat is packable, it can be folded up or rolled to fit into your bag easily, then when you’re ready to wear it, your bucket hat will bounce back into its original shape. 

Flimsy brims that don’t hold their shape are not our style. Because of the high standards we hold ourselves to, we had to make our bucket hat with materials that are very wearable, but also sturdy. 

Satin makes the best inner liner for our bucket hat because it’s smooth + lustrous. It’s really important to us that your hat is comfortable - this satin inner liner will give you breathability + will feel weightless against your hair. 

Piping gives your bucket hat a cute design touch you can’t find anywhere else, + it also ensures the integrity of the hat’s construction. Simple seams would not do for the versatility of this hat, so we decided to make them extra strong with piping. 

When Were Bucket Hats Popular?

bucket hat history

‘60s Bucket Hat 

Mod, short for modernist, was the vibe in the 60s. It was about making a statement against the norms accepted by society + wearing clothes that made people do a double-take. 

The ’60s was the perfect time to turn something practical into something funky. This is when the bucket hat morphed from a military necessity into atrendy fashion statement

A bucket hat ‘60s style was a little different from the ones we’re wearing today. The crown was taller + on the narrow side with a longer floppy brim. It was closer to the design a fisherman may have worn back in the day - the longer the brim, the less ocean spray.

‘80s Rappers + the Bucket Hat

The ‘80s were about more than mullets + Madonna; although it’s hard to imagine why! This decade was also a big one for the bucket hat. 

Do yourself a favor + searchrap artists with buckets hats, you’ll get your mind blown by RUN-D.M.C. in chunky gold chains + shoes without laces. You’ll probably go crazy over LL Cool J + his signature fuzzy bucket hats in every color. The style from that time + genre shows how adaptable bucket hats can be, + how people from all walks of life can wear one. 

‘90s Bucket Hats + Streetwear 

Imagine strolling through the streets listening to Mariah Carey on your walkman, before iPhones + Spotify existed. You’re feelin’ fly in your bucket hat + your sparkling jelly sandals, thinking about all the clothes you want from thefashion-forward movieClueless. That was a day in the life of a ‘90s fashionista.  

Streetwear is casual + creative, it’s what happens when you put together an outfit based on how cool it makes you feel.Bucket hats had their place in ‘90s streetwear + they are still as relevant in street style culture today. 

Matching your tracksuits with bucket hats was the ultimate outfit back in the ‘90s. An Adidas suit (with those three stripes running from shoulder to ankle) was the ultimate look to pair with a bucket hat at the time. If you rocked that look today, it would still translate. What we’re saying here is that bucket hats are a forever favorite, they’ll always make a comeback. 

Bucket Hats Now

Packable bucket hat style

Staying in fashion is not an easy accomplishment. The bucket hat has been voted most likely to keep making a comeback + it never fails to live up to this title. The patterns, colors, + vibes of bucket hats may change, but the basic shape of the design remains popular no matter what. 

Reasons the bucket hat is still killin’ it:

  1. Bucket hats look good on everyone, regardless of hairstyle, face shape, or skin tone. You can always find a pastel Rylee Bucket hat color to match your aesthetic. 
  2. Bucket hats are versatile. You can wear them with a dress or leggings, wear them to the beach, or lounge around. Trust us,our bucket hat looks good with any outfit
  3. The Gigi Pip bucket hat is flawless. When you wear it, you look cute - that’s a fact! Also, it will block the sun from your neck + eyes so it’s super functional too. 

Who Started the Bucket Hat Trend

So many different people have made the bucket hat a popular trend over the years. The trends on the streets have typically been influenced by different entertainers.

Remember Gilligan’s Island? If you haven’t watched it, you’ve probably seen pictures of the loveable skipper with his little white bucket hat + red shirt. He wore his bucket hat halo style with the brim down naturally. 

Seems like Barbara Streisand was a pretty big fan of the show because if there’sa woman who loves a bucket hat, it’s her! She likes her brim a little wider + flipped up in front - she’s been wearing different bucket hats for decades!

The queen of streetwear, Rhianna, can rock a bucket hat like a boss! We’ve seen her in supercute cotton bucket hats, ones with a metallic finish, + grandiose fuzzy ones in pink + lime green. She can do no wrong in a good bucket hat, + the same goes for you!


Bucket hats started out as Irish workwear accessories + quickly became statement pieces we could easily point out in movies. Literally, anybody can wear this timeless hat design. From a farmer to a broadway actress to a prominent rap artist - now, you’ve seen how the bucket hat stays in vogue throughout history. xx