July 17, 2020 1 min read

You've been planning your favorite outfit all day long. You get your outfit out and start to get ready and suddenly realize, the staple piece of this outfit (your favorite hat) is out of shape! You are holding a hat that is squashed and crushed and only have an hour left to get ready. Don't let panic take over, we got you covered!  

Follow these easy steps to get your hat back into shape! 

1. Lay it on a flat surface

2. Steam time! (Steam can be very hot so be careful with your hands and face) Hold the crown of the hat and start to steam over the creased or bent areas! 

3. Press down gently for 20 seconds around the brim!  If other parts of the hat are bent let the steam permeate the hat and then carefully start kneading with your hands and fingers around the crown or bent areas! 

4. You're almost there! Let the hat cool for 5 minutes and repeat if any area remains bent! 

5. Smile, your hat is fixed and you are ready to go! 


Don't have a steamer? No worries! Here are 2 other ways you can fix your hat:  How to Fix a Smashed Hat 

And here's some ways we recommend packing + storing your hats:




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