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July 15, 2020 3 min read


adria freshley



Adria Freshley is a creative and passionate woman whom we admire. We are honor to be able to feature her + all the hats she wear! Her creative authenticity shines through her work. 

What are the roles or hats you lead in your life?
Oh goodness, I feel like I wear so many! But the main ones would be a photographer, a storyteller, a people lover, and an avid thrifter. The things you’ll hear me talk about the most are: pizza, the way the light falls in a room to create shadows, thrifting, how I love anything in Dalmatian print, puns + dad jokes, and how much your presence matters!

Which hat do you find most rewarding?

I love my photography hat because in it I not only get to be creative + fuel my soul that way, but I get to be a cheerleader. When I work with my clients, I get to champion the best things in them + help them feel confident for who they are. I get to come alongside them in their passions + that honestly is the most rewarding.

What hats do you find the most challenging and what do you do to embrace them?

My confidence hat is probably the most challenging. For the longest time I wouldn’t call myself a photographer because I felt like I was faking it—I had no idea how to run a business (and ya girl is STILL learning!). I’ve been taking photos for 10+ years, but only last year did I begin to say, “I am a photographer” when asked what I do. If I’m being really transparent, I sometimes still feel imposter syndrome creeping in when I say it today.

I would say that this season of my life has been a lot of me learning to embrace those feelings of discomfort + fear. Because embracing them has the potential to propel me into something new + exciting, something stretching + growing.

What hats are least known about you?
I LOVE to sing. You can catch me belting musicals around the house, singing entire concerts in the shower, humming to the grocery store music. A secret dream of mine is to record a song in a studio someday. Not saying I’d be studio good, but what a fun, once in a lifetime experience it’d be!

Who or what inspires you?
Music inspires me. The Epilogue by CHPTRS is one of my absolute favorite things to listen to. Then there’s Johnnyswim which is perfect for everything—I can dance to it, edit pictures to it, cry to it…mm, it’s the best. The songs that inspire me the most are the ones where the artist has somehow gotten a hold of + penned to music my thoughts I can never seem to make into actual words.

 There are a handful of people in my life who just floor me with the way they live their life. The one thing they all have in common is how they love people with their entire heart. They do it in tangible ways, it’s not just lip service, and their impact whether big or small is deep + significant.

Favorite Gigi Pip style/color + why?
My favorite Gigi Pip hat is my Emma! It’s crazy because I totally didn’t use to be a hat person, but for whatever reason something switched + now I find myself trying to pair a hat with every outfit. I love the Emma’s wide brim + how the color goes with just about everything. It takes my outfit from here to HERE + it makes me feel SO confident. Catch me walking with an extra swing in my hips wearing my Gigi Pip ;)


adria freshley


Thank you Adria for taking your time and sharing with us!! We Adore you + your creativity is inspiring! 

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