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November 27, 2018 2 min read

monroe oatmeal


Her Instagram account is the go-to source for fashion, lifestyle, + beauty inspo.
Here's more about Kelsey + the hats she wear!
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What are the roles or "hats" you lead in your life?

The most important “hats” I wear & lead in my life are.. a Christian, a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur, & a friend.

What "hats" do you find most rewarding? 

First, being a Christian. That’s always the top priority of my life & what I focus on first & foremost! Second, being a wife. My husband & I are newlyweds & being a wife is honestly the most rewarding & special feeling. 

What hats do you find are most challenging and what do you do to embrace them? 

I would say being an entrepreneur. It has its ups & downs. That’s just the way business goes! I do my best to embrace the low seasons & use those seasons as motivation for future seasons. I also love to learn from past mistakes or even just think of what I would like to do differently moving forward as an entrepreneur.
monroe oatmeal

Who or what inspires you?

 A few people! My mom has always been my biggest mom & wife inspiration. My papa is an entrepreneur & has started many companies so he inspires me with my businesses. My Grammy is my biggest Christian walk inspiration by far. Derek, my husband, is just my life inspiration. He inspires to be the absolute best wife & woman I can be every single day.

What is your favorite way to style your Gigi Pip hat? 

I love wearing my Gigi Pip hat with a basic sweater, leggings, & OTK boots! The best thing about these hats is how versatile they are. I love messing around with dressing things up & dressing them down as well! 

Make sure to follow Kelsey on her Instagram: @kelseynpatterson

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