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November 13, 2018 2 min read

wes ivory

Meet Ebie, wife + mother of two whose goal is to bring freedom to women in the sex trade.

We asked her to share a few things that she was oh so grateful for + the hats that she wears. 

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I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a CEO, an author, a friend- a woman of many hats indeed.

My greatest prayer and hope is that regardless of what hat I am currently wearing, that the first thing anyone would ever recognize would be the amount of gratitude cultivated in my life. True gratitude can’t be manufactured or synthetically created, it is something that flows from a heavenly vantage point.

I wear my hat-itude of gratitude because I strongly believe that gratitude is a breeding ground for miracles.

Gratitude has this way of shifting our perspective from our roles and our trials to the miracles and blessings that are right in front of us. Show me a woman wrapped in gratitude and I’ll show you the most beautiful and free girl in the room. And isn’t that the goal? To be free!?

There are so many people I am thankful for, but a group I am extra thankful for is our tribe. In the summer of 2017 my husband and I boarded a one way plane to Liberia, West Africa to adopt our two children, Birdie + Asa. We had no idea how long we would be in Africa and we had never been parents before.

Our first season of parenthood was full of hysterical unpredictable moments that we couldn’t make up if we tried but the one predictable thing in that season, and in all seasons before and after now that I think about it, has been the consistency and reliability of our tribe.

Our small group of best friends and family have come alongside us in ways we can never explain. They’ve covered us in prayer, they’ve supported our wild and crazy dreams, and they’ve carried us through our hardest seasons. Six months after coming home as a family of four, our son, Asa, was diagnosed with a terminal genetic disorder called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The way our tribe has surrounded us with support has been nothing short of a miracle. I’m learning more and more that when you find your people, hold them tight and do not let them go. I’m also learning that gratitude is the secret weapon to a free life.


wes in ivory

Thank you Gigi Pip for always endorsing and advocating for women to never live life bound by comparison or judgment...

...but for truly cultivating a culture of freedom, beauty, and gratitude. From one gal who wears many hats (all Gigi Pip of course) to another, remember you’ll never regret clothing yourself in gratitude because it has this secret ability to pull out all things lovely and beautiful. <3

To learn more about Ebie + the hats she wears follow her on Instagram @ebiehepworth

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