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August 11, 2022 5 min read

It's Always Straw Hat Season - Learn How to Style Outfits with Straw Hats 

Welcome to the world of straw hat outfits, where every season is the perfect time to showcase your trendy, sun-savvy style. Whether you're wondering how to wear a straw hat, when straw hat season starts, or simply searching for fresh inspiration, Gigi Pip has you covered!

Embrace your most confident self with the versatility of ourwomen's straw hats and unlock endless outfit possibilities, no matter the weather. 



If you ask us, you’re allowed to wear straw any time of year! This is especially the case when you’re looking to make a fashion statement + style your straw into the late fall, middle of winter, or early spring seasons. 

As a whole, we typically see “straw hat season” hit at the very first sign of spring when it’s juuust warm enough to spend your afternoon coffee (for example) out on the patio. Whether you’re here to help decide on your first straw or to simply be inspired, we’re here to break down our favorite straw designs + ways that you can style a woman’s straw hat year-round.



With each season comes different colors, textures, + layers in your wardrobe. Straw also comes in different weaves + colors making it super versatile + a unique way to finish your seasonal looks. Let’s start with the warmer seasons.



Spring is the ultimate time to dive into learninghow to wear a straw hat for the first time. Part of finding the right hat is getting the right style to fit your vibe + warmer months offer an array of fashion trends to inspire your personal look. 

This is a time when we typically start working straw styles into our daily outfits + diversifying from the felt styles we’ve been sporting all winter. For Spring, we suggest pairing theBre Pork Pie with a long-sleeved canvas jumpsuit or pairing the fashionableArlo Honey with a long flowy dress + open-toed shoes. 

You may also tie your straw hat into your outfit with intention by trimming the brim of yourCove with a new rope band + pairing it with flowy layers + patterned materials to match.

Three Images of Women in Straw Hats



What’s better than the first day of summer? The sun shines through the windows + invites you out to feel the warmth on your skin, there’s more freedom to layer down your wardrobe + so much time for play!

Let’s face it, we are exposed to a lot of sun during the summer months which means we need some high-quality sun protection. Today, Gigi Pip is a leader in Women’s Straw Hats. Our straw hats are woven with the highest quality materials from paper to palm so you can confidently rely on your Gigi Pip through summer.

TheSal Crochet Bucket Hat is a fan-favorite straw staple. This packable straw hat is made to go wherever you go, offering effective sun protection along with breathability through the crochet pattern. Pair with your favorite summer dress or take Sal on your next Paddleboard adventure at the lake. 

TheCove (pictured in the middle) is one of our best-selling straw hat styles season after season for a reason! This hat can be dressed up or down + still elude to a lighthearted sophistication. Lounge by the pool or take Cove on that catamaran adventure you’ve been manifesting.Fiona (pictured on the right) is the graceful, understated wide-brim fedora straw that looks good on everyone. Take Fiona out to the fair or the rodeo + pair it with an airy top + jeans.

Three Images of Women in Straw Hats in Summer



We know that straw is tyyypically associated with spring + summer. However, we pride ourselves on being “rule breakers.” If you didn’t know, the straw hat was originally designed to protect the head from the sun and against heatstroke but is now also worn as a fashion accessory. 

This means there are no rules! 

Pair theCapri with a loose button-down sweater + wide legs pants. The Fiona also favors a good sweater, especially when it’s a comfy turtleneck cut-off that keeps you cool during the day + protected from the chill when the sun goes down. Capri also comes in a Brown color variation, tapping into those moody fall tones + is a perfect accessory to bridge summer fashion into fall.
Three Images of Women in Straw Hats in Fall


Uhm, did you say STRAW in WINTER? Yes, we did. Straw is always ‘in’ when you know how to style your own perfect look + feel confident in yourself. As we mentioned before, straw hats are a fashion accessory + if you look to make a statement in the winter, straw is the way to go. 
TheSeabreeze Seagrass is an intricately hand-woven straw that’s made to hold its shape. Pair the lightweight Seabreeze with a dark, cool-colored sweater + slacks for a walk around the lake. Show some personality at lunch with your coworkers by wearing theCapri Straw with a light-colored trench suit + women’s loafers. 

Do you ski? 

Take Capri as the cherry on top for your apres ski outfit to protect yourself from the sun while you wait for your friends to make it down the slopes.Bre Pork Pie Straw (pictured on the right) is one of the most versatile straw styles + is available in ivory, natural + black tones. Bre likes to be dressed up or down in any season with a lightweight sweater layered over wide-legged pants + a casual tee or a nice sweater dress + booties.

Three Images of Women in Straw Hats in Winter


Effortlessly Style Straw Hat Outfits for Every Season from Gigi Pip

Women’s straw hats can be styled for any season, occasion, + vibe. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! The key to finding the right hat is finding the right fit + then the perfect style that makes you feel the most confident in yourself. 

The hats you wear should help you stand a little taller + shine your inner light a little brighter. We have a wide range of timeless straw styles for you to match with all of your seasonal ensembles, whether it’s summer, spring, winter, or fall! Just like your seasonal wardrobe, straw hats come in a variety of colors, textures + silhouettes. 

Ready to elevate your confidence and style with the perfect straw hat? Browse our collection ofwomen's straw hats and find your new favorite accessory to complete your outfits all year round. Don't wait – embrace thestraw hat season now!