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February 18, 2021 2 min read

How to style a little girl's fashion hat?

A little girl's fashion hats is a great way to dress up your "mini-me". Nothing is cuter than a matching outfit with your daughter, little sister or even your grand-daughter! 

Hats help protect their delicate skin from the strong UV rays of the sun + make them look stylish at the same time. 

This is your guide to everything you need to know about styling a hat on a kid! 

how to style a little girl's fashion hat

How do you keep a hat on their head?

Some moms struggle to get their kids to keep their hat on for longer than one minute. This varies from child to child + age can defiantly be a big factor. 

To get your toddler girl to keep her hat on follow these simple tips:

- Start them early! The earlier you are putting hats on her the more comfortable she will feel when she gets a little older!

-  Get the right size! Click here for our size guide. You can also use sizing tape + the adjustable band inside the hat for the best fit.

- Make it fun! Let them choose a hat they like, or get matching ones! 

- Make it a positive experience. Complement her + make her feel like the princess that she is!! 

- Wear your hat! This will make them excited about wearing theirs! 

How to style a little girl with a fashion hat through the seasons?


During winter time a good beanie is a great way to keep your little girl warm! This will protect her from the frigid cold air + will keep her little ears warm. 

Style a little girl's fashion hat during the winter by using neutral colors. A felt hat is also a great choice when picking our a good winter hat for your darling little one. 


Spring is a great time to start going outdoors + taking out some straw or light color felt hats like our wes ivory felt fedora. Pair it with a cute light color dress + some stocking underneath. 

Pastels are also a great color to use this season. Such as a light blue, light yellow or pink! 

style little girls fashion hat


The perfect summer hat for little girls are straw hats! They are so darling + pair well with almost every summer outfit. Another popular opinion is to wear our Monroe in brown it is a best seller + definitely a fashion hat you will be excited to match with your little one! 


Fall fashion is defiantly one of our favorites! You can complete the perfect fall outfit with a cap or felt hat. 

The best fall colors are mustard, rusty red + oranges! These colors can be added in as staple piece such as our mustard felt hat

style little girls fashion hat

Hat: Linen Newsboy Cap


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