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February 19, 2021 2 min read

One of those days where you aren’t sure what to wear? You’ve come to the right place. In this post we will be breaking down three different looks to help you figure out the best fit to pair with your hat.


high low dress
how to build an outfit

High-low dressing is all about taking that expensive special piece in your closet and wearing her out for any occasion.

-Pair this evening dress with something a little less fancy. Don’t let her sit in the back of your closet.

-To dress her down we paired her with our Mo Pom beanie in Cream.

-High-Low dressing is all about making your statement piece more wearable for everyday. Take a classic sweater to pair but make sure it falls in a neutral color scheme. We don’t wan’t that statement piece lost.

-A sneaker will definitely emphasize your special piece while still giving you that undone vibe.

Overall, High-Low dressing is about leading with chic and accenting with the everyday.


monochrome outfit

Monochromatic is our go-to look! We love this look because it always looks high end and takes little effort. For this look we chose cream as our base color.

-The trick to a monochromatic look is mixing colors and variations/textures of your color of choice. Pairing the Ezra in ivory with this look gives us that interesting shape while staying within our realm of cream.

-Layer up! Let’s start with the basics. This off white T paired with these white jeans will do.

-Let’s keep things interesting. We are going to take white socks and pair them with some heels in the same color. That’s right. Socks with heels!

-We like to keep things special at Gigi Pip. So we are going to throw on this one of a kind vintage tan sweater.

-Almost done! Layer like a cake and add this light weight cream duster.

-Final touch. Add jewels for some shine! We wen’t with gold.

All done! If you’ll notice while we utilized different shades and textures the overall color you see is cream.


denim on denim
elevate an outfit with gigi pip

With an all denim look the trick of the trade is to mix different shades of denim together and pair with elevated pieces. Let’s avoid the look of the Canadian Tuxedo while still wearing the Canadian Tuxedo!

-The Ginger in Ivory pairs with anything and everything so today, that is what we are wearing.

-Start with a light top. We are going with this Levi’s jacket.

-Next up is bottoms, make sure these are darker. Vintage 501’s? Don’t mind if we do.

-Now that we have our base denim pieces together. Let’s break them up! We are going to take a classic tuxedo jacket and some heels. These pieces elevate our base layers while still telling the story of… We love denim!

The key to pulling off this look is keeping your base denim contrasted and then add some sparkle. Accessorize! Be sure to not go overboard.