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February 11, 2021 3 min read

Gigi Pip's guide to love languages

With Valentine's day around the corner it's a perfect time to celebrate your love to your significant other. According to Baptist minister Gary Chapman, there are 5 love languages; Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gift, Quality Time, Physical Touch. Chapman wrote The 5 love languages: the secret to love last in 1992 but it is still a best seller today! 

Understanding your partner's love language is the key in showing them love in a way that speaks to them. We drew inspiration from chapman's book to put together this list of things you can do for your partner this valentine's day. 

Do you know which love language your partner is? If not, you both can take this quiz to help you find what love language you speak! 

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for all 5 love languages 

words of affirmation with Gigi Pip

Words of Affirmation

If your partner #1 love language is words of affirmation they values any spoken or written words that supports them, uplift, and motivates them. They want to hear how much you love them! 

 - Leave hidden love letters all over the house. 

 - Put positive sticky notes all over your bathroom mirror + let your partner find them!

 - Create a playlist just for your partner with all the songs that remind you of significant other (pro tip: give the playlist a unique name) 

Acts of service with Gigi Pip

Acts of Service

If your significant other's love language is acts of service they feel your adoration by the things you do for them. They want you to support them in their everyday life + take responsibilities out of their hands. 

 - Let them have a weekend free of chores. (i.e. do laundry, dishes, paint the house, simply let them rest) 

 - Wake your significant other up with breakfast in bed + let them be lounge around all day long!

- Create a coupon book that they can claim at any time! You can include things such as doing the dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom ect.. 

Receiving gift with Gigi Pip
Receiving Gift 

If your partner cherishes receiving gifts this does NOT mean you can go to the store + just pick anything up. They value you thinking of them and getting them a meaningful gift. Something that says "I've been thinking of you all day" + has a meaning behind it. 

 - A hat with a hat band of her favorite color. 

 - A picture frame with the first picture you ever took together. 

 - A personalize necklace

Receiving gift is one of the most miss understood love languages. It's not about how many shoes, bags or accessories you buy for your partner. It is about thinking about what will make your partner smile + make them feel like you really know them.  

Quality time topic with Gigi Pip

Quality Time 

If your partner's love language is quality time they value being together. They want to have your undivided attention. Our girl Riri put it best, "Want you to make me feel, Like I'm the only girl in the world" To make your partner happy turn your phone off and focus on them!

 - Have a game night with your partner! Choose some of your favorite games + have fun! 

 - Plan a road-trip with many surprise stops!

 - Have a candle lit dinner at home prepare by you! 

Physical touch with Gigi Pip

Physical Touch

If your partner's number one love language is physical touch they feel admiration through kisses, hugs, and cuddles. They want to be caressed at all time!! 

 - Give them a massage with essential oils 

 - Cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie

 - Go on a long walk and hold hands.  

Need help telling your partner what you want? Don't worry we got you! Send them this blog post with the type of love language that you speak. 

xx, Gigi Pip 

Couple with Gigi Pip straw hat

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