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March 18, 2022 6 min read

How to Look Good in a Bucket Hat: 7 Styles

Nobody dresses the same every day, right? If you’re going to the gym, you might wear a racerback back with leggings. Running your errands for the day (target + coffee - obvi), you’ll probably be in jeans, a tee,and tennies. Meeting the girls for brunch in a day dress? The finishing touch to top off anyand all of youroutfits is the incredibly versatilebucket hat look

Overhead view of woman sitting on stairs wearing a cute women’s bucket hat.


How to Wear a Bucket Hat

Oh, the bucket hatthe friend your wardrobe can rely on no matterwhat.Bucket hats truly are a timeless design. The brim is slightly sloped downward, and the flat, deep crown will complement any face shape or hairstyle;  plus, it can be styled to fit wonderfully into anybody's wardrobe. 

You’lllove to dress up a bucket hat with a suit or dress; you can also put on your coziest knitwearand feel like your cutest self when you pair it with your bucket hat. Anything goes with this timeless design, and its popularity can’t seem to go away. 

So if you’re wonderinghow to wear a bucket hat,it would be absolutely impossible to find a look that could not be styled withone.This hat style will go with literally everything you have in your closet, in any season, for any eventit’s pretty unbelievable how versatilecute bucket hats can be. 


Flip the Brim

Show offthosebeautiful brows below your bucket hatand turn your brim up in the front. Subtlety is one secret to styling you’ll always benefit from, especially when it comes to your bucket hatchanging one slight angle of your brim can take your look in a whole new direction.

Keep a Low Profile 

Wear your bucket hat as it comes, with the brim turned somewhat down,and situate it low to evoke a playful charm with any outfit you’re feeling like wearing that day.

However you decide to wear your brim, styling a timeless bucket hat is one of the most exciting things you can dowhile getting dressed, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going.

Learn How to Style Bucket Hats with These 7 Bucket Hat Styles 

Front view of woman modeling how to wear a bucket hat.


1 - The Casual Bucket Hat

Your boxy teeand jeans look with a different flair. A white tee with well-worn mid-waisted jeans will always provide you with a cute outfit on a routine daywhy not spruce it up a bit witha sophisticated sage bucket hat?! 

Adding acutebucket hat to your casual outfits will elevate your look for the day while you remain cuteand comfortable in your favorite go-to garments. Your hat will add a layer of colorand style that can be achieved effortlessly.

2 - The Athleisure Bucket Hat

Front view of a woman modeling a sporty bucket hat look.


Don’t sweat ityou’ll always feel the positive energy when you’re outand about in your neutral pulloverand your elegant cream bucket hat.

You can wear a bucket hat with confidenceand elevate any outfit you have on. The piping details around thehat's brimensure that it is made with careand will give it a beautiful finish.

Because it’s so well made, with a textured 100% cotton shell, this bucket hat will look sporty when you need it to, and it will absorb well-earned sweat on your most active days.


3 - The Dressed-Up Bucket Hat

Side view of woman modeling a brown women’s bucket hat.

Your oversized black blazer will never look better than when paired with yourbrown, beautifulbucket hat. Dressing up for a professional party or a fancy cocktail can be even more of a ball when you have hats to mixand match with your dressy attire. 

Create an unexpected look your friends will adore, and your admirers will want to replicate. Fashion is about having funand being creative with the items in your wardrobenothing says chic more than a dressed-up bucket hat.


4 - The Knitwear Bucket Hat

What do knitwearand bucket hats have in common? You can wear them all year long, and their popularity will always circle back to a trend you’ll want to be here for. 

Bucket hats will keep you warm because they are made ofhigh-quality and reliable material that will shield you from the windand snow. Also, the brim is designed to keep the sun out of your eyes in the springand summermakingyour cute bucket hat the best all-season hat.


5 - The Streetwear Bucket Hat

Front view of woman wearing a summer women’s bucket hat.


Sneakers, tee shirts,and bucket hatsyou could wear these three items together every dayand never get bored or go out of style.Fishermen and  farmers started the bucket hat trend, but it has evolved into the thing to wear with all of your best band teesand Converse Chuck Taylors. 

80ship hop, what a time to wear a bucket hat! With influencers like Run-DMC fitting bucket hats into their everyday streetwear.

The bucket hat became so popular that it stayed a major wardrobe staple into the ’90sand is coming back strong with fashion icons like Rihanna wearing them in various colorsand patterns.


6 - The Tailored Bucket Hat

Gold pinned with clean lines makes this bucket hat the one to match any structured or form-fitting outfit. With a comfortableand adjustable inner hatband, it’s like theRylee bucket hatwas custom-madefor you.


7 - The Sweats Bucket Hat

Sweats are comfortingand fit you exactly how you want them to, and a bucket hat is no different. When you have a matching set of sweats that are an elegant lavender pastel color, you can’t go wrong wearing them around with your lavender bucket hat. 

A monochromatic look from head to toe will make even your sweatshirtsand pants look sophisticated with the right layers. Top your outfit off with a well-made bucket hat to match,and you’re ready to enjoy whatever the day will bring. 

When you wear a bucket hat, the rest of your outfit will benefit from it in the best way, no matter what style you’re going for.


Bucket Hat History

Front view of a woman showing how to style bucket hats.


The bucket hat gets its name from the shape of the crown since it’s similar to the shape of a bucket! Some of us recognize the bucket hat from the streetwear style that was starting to be developed back in the ’80sand ’90s, but that’s not the first time the bucket hat was all the rage. 

In the early 1900s,the bucket hat came tobe and was designed with a purpose inmind—to shield the wearer from sunand sea spray. The brim of the bucket hat still serves that purpose, although it’s mostly about getting points for style now. 

Farmers in Ireland found the bucket hat especially useful for long days laboring outside in the burning sun. Fishermen would wear their bucket hats to protect themselves from the sun but also from the salty ocean spray from getting into their eyes.

Styling Bucket Hats in 2023

Bucket hats are worn today for comfort in all types of weather year-round, althoughmostly,they’re exciting to style with anything in your wardrobe. 

Whatever your personal style is, whatever events you may find yourself participating in, having bucket hats in your collection of things you love to wear is highly recommended. 

You can dress them up to go outor match them with your casual clothing for a laid-back vibe. You will always look greatand feel confident in your bucket hat, no matter how you style your hair oryour face shape. Bucket hats suit everyone.


How to Wear a Bucket Hat Formally

ide view of woman modeling a crochet women’s bucket hat.


Because the bucket hat has a clean, well-structured design with beautiful piping details, it's like it was made to be dressed up. 

A more casual bucket hat look would be to bend the brim up in the front. In order to achieve a more formal look, keep the hat-brim turned downand pair it with an elevated outfit.


Do Bucket Hats Protect You From the Sun?

It would be impossible to find another hat that can block the sun from every single angle like a bucket hat can, with that special 360-degree brim. 

It is designed with adownward-slopingbrim so that the sun will be out of your eyesand off the back of your neck all day long.


How Tight Should a Bucket Hat be?

Side view of upstanding woman with crossed arms modeling a packable Sherpa women’s bucket hat.


Bucket hats should, firstand foremost, be comfortable, so you can wear them with easeand confidence. You can accomplish your sizing sweet spot with the adjustable inner band. Tighten or loosen it according to what feels the best for you. 

Having the liberty to adjust the size of your hat, depending on your hairstyle that day,is a unique luxury to have in your bucket hat.


What do You do if Your Bucket Hat is Too Big?

No need to worry about whether it will be too big when you have the freedom to make it smaller with the built-in adjustable inner band. When you needto fit your hat over your voluminous curly hair, when you put braids in, or a low messy bun, you can adjust it to fit any way you need for the hairstyle you have going on. 

Looking good in a bucket hat is just about the easiest thing you could ever do! With so many outfitand hairstyle options that match with bucket hats, you can wear them anytimeand look great. Whatever your personal styleis and whatever occasion you’re dressingfor, pair acute bucket hatwith any look to feel confidentand gorgeous. xx