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March 11, 2022 5 min read


Boho Hat Styles: The Gigi Pip Guide

You don’t have to be atCoachella to be boho-chic - you can rock this style anywhere, with any hat! Bohemian style is all about expressing the natural, effortless beauty you already possess - it’s about the colors, textures, + good vibes onlya beautifully styled hat can offer. We have everything you need to know right here in our in-depth guide to the best boho hats, Gigi Pip style - let’s get to it! 


woman in boater straw hat brown


Bohemian Women’s Hats

Take inspiration from hippie fashion styles of the ‘60s + ‘70s, along with a pinch of carefree attitude, + a dash of sophistication - this is the recipe forthe best boho-chic women’s hats!  

Pair your boho-chic hat with your favorite loose graphic tee + relaxed fit jeans for a bohemian vibe you can wear shopping, to the park, or running errands.

Bohemian women’s hats come in all different crown + brim shapes, the best being made of wool or straw. Let’s take a look at a bunch of different styles you can wear when you’re tapping into that ’70s carefree bohemian aesthetic


Boho Floppy Hat

The free movement of a floppy brim will have you daydreaming of homemade peach jam in the summer sun. A boho floppy hat has a natural movement to it, which makes it exactly what you want to have cooling you off as you window shop those quaint boardwalk boutiques.

Woven straw or wool felt materials make a great floppy hat that you can roll up + take with you on vacation, or fit into your bag wherever you go.Boho floppy hats are well designed so they don't lose their shape - they're always ready to wear + spring back to their original form as soon as you unpack them. 


Boho Fedora Hat


woman wearing brown felt fedora hat

Fedora hats have the crown that has never + will never fade out of style. The fedora hat shape is the most iconic of them all - it's timeless + elegant + trust us, the fedora hat style looks great on every bohemian hat-wearing woman.  

Carefree really is the way to be when you’re putting together a great boho-chic look + nothing says carefree more than a fedora style straw hat with a frayed brim edge. 

Really go for a traditional bohemian style when you put on a hat woven from seagrass - it’s all-natural material + with ahand braided thin straw band, you won’t be sacrificing your feminine style. 

Elevate your boho look with an a-line brim + a double-strand rope band with brass. The glimmer of the brass against the dark wheat weave has a sophistication that will take your bohemian hat style up a notch. 


Wide Brim Hat


woman with wide brim straw hat

Carry yourself with the maximum amount of confidence + put on anoutstanding wide brim hat. Think of planting your perennials in style, while the woven wheat straw blocks the sun from your shoulders. 

Let your hair down underneath a flat crown that won’t restrict your natural locks. If you have a full head of curls + you want to let them flow freely in true bohemian fashion, adjust your inner band to give your hair a little more room.

A wide-brimmed boater crown in black can fit with any free-flowing boho-chic vibe, especially with a patterned band that fits around the crown just above the brim. 


Boho Summer Hat


cream summer dress with wide brim straw hat

You know it’s officially summer when all you want to do is wear all of your favorite summer dresses, the ones that effortlessly move with the warm breeze, + top your boho-chic look off with a bohemian women’s hat that’s best at preventing your skin from being burned.

Boater-style hats are made with that timeless flat crown, + a structured stiff brim that can be dressed up for dinner on the patio, or can make a great casual day look. Theseboho boater hats are so charming in the summertime. 

Straw summer hats are amazing because they have that carefree look to them + can serve you well while you’re in yourvintage bathing suit, or out harvesting fresh strawberries. 


Boho Sun Hat


boater straw hat, fedora straw hat

A carefully woven seagrass straw hat will have a pattern that resembles the iconic ‘70s crocheted boho-chic beach clothing women used to wear back in the day. This loose weave will allow the wind to move through your hat to keep you comfortable, cute, + cooled off.

A proper boho sun hat will be able to protect you from getting a terrible sunburn, but it will also be breathable enough for you to be able to wear it on an especially toasty summer day. 

With a unique hand-painted leather chinstrap attached to your boho sun hat - you’ll be in the boho hat that’s as good as it can get during the hottest months of the year. You can wear it when you need to shield your eyes + let it drape off of the back of your neck when you’re ready to catch the breeze in your hair. 


5 Accessories to Make Your Hat Boho Chic 


woman with natural fedora straw hat

Make any of the styles in your hat collection more bohemian by adding accessories that will introduce pattern, texture, color, + a vibrancy to your overall look. Here are 5 fun + effective ways to take your hat from chic to boho chic. 

  • Hat Bands
  • Hatbands are a great + simple way to add that carefree bohemian style to your hat. When you add a cute addition to your crown, like aleather hatband with tassels, your boho look will become extra chic. 

  • Hat Wraps
  • It would be a pretty difficult thing to find an accessory for your hat that’s more bohemian than vegan leather. Accentuate your hat crown witha soft, brown vegan leather hat wrap + gold hardware - this will class up your look as soon as you put it around your crown.  

  • Hat Bolos
  • Gold bolo hardware against a brown, dusty pink, or white genuine leather band is sure togive your hat a boho-chic look. Make sure to secure the bolo at the back of your hat, giving passersby a bohemian vibe they can admire from every angle.

  • Hat Feathers
  • Add a little more personality to your hat +channel those vintage vibes with a hat feather. This addition will give you more movement, color, + texture for your beautiful bohemian look. 

  • Hat Bands With Beads
  • Beads are a must when you’re going for true bohemian styling for your hat. Dress it up with black + silver, cream + brass, or dark brown + brass. Think of bands with beads as if they are jewelry for your hat.  


    woman in summer dress with natural straw fedora hat

    Embracing the hats you love to wear is the first step to getting into that beautiful boho hat style you’re going for. Take your high-quality straw or felt hat + add the best hat accessories you can find in order to transform your timeless hat into the boho hat style you’ll want to wear everywhere you go. xx