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April 05, 2022 7 min read

Best Hat Color for Red Hair

Growing up as a redhead, you had like one famous ginger to model yourself after, she lived in the ocean + used a fork for a brush... So we think it’s time to really talk about what makes your gorgeous red locks look their absolute best. Let’s take a deep dive into the many different colors, shapes, + styles of straw + felt hats that will blow your red hair out of the water! 

womens straw fedora hat


What Color Hat Looks Best on Redheads?

Any color you feel confident in will look amazing against your rare red locks. It’s important to be able to wear the best colors that complement red to the fullest, so your gorgeous hair can shine in all its unique glory. When it comes to matching the right hues to your hair color, the best hat colors for red hair are in no way limited. There is an extensive collection of hat color options that will allow your ginger top to pop.

10 of the Best Hat Colors for Red Hair

pink, grey, wine, cream colored fedora hats

Beige Hats

Neutrals take a back seat when put against more vibrant colors - show off anelegant cream hat with a triangle crown when you want your red locks to really stand out. Whatever shade of red you rock will look even more vibrant against a muted color.

Black Hats

Two powerful colors like black + red will make a bold statement when paired together. Any shade or tint of red will work magically against arich black felt hat

Brown Hats

Whether your hair is dark,strawberry, or bright red, brown will be your hat color when you want the natural tones of your hair to really come out. Brown is a dark neutral color, so it really compliments every color. 

Blue Hats

Navy is your absolute number 1 color when you’re a redhead - no other hue will highlight your red mane like amodern navy fedora hat. There’s just something about the marriage between dark blue + red that is so pleasing to the eye.

Dusty Pink Hats

Pink + red are in the same color family + can look really good when they’re put side by side.The best dusty pink hat will create a gorgeous ombre effect when coupled with red locks.   

Sage Hats

A hint of grey mixed with green gives you a wonderful shade that is sage. It’s earthy, natural + will look amazing against any color of red without risking a Christmas theme vibe. 

White Hats

Clean. Bright. Elegant.Sophisticated white hats will bring out the best tones your hair has to offer.

Natural Straw Hats

Straw hats come in a variety of natural colors from paper straw white, to a toasted oat color - all of which can be paired with red hair for a femanine + beautiful look any time of the year. 

Mixed Ivory Hats

ARancher style hat in mixed ivory is a wonderful choice when you’re wanting to personally customize your hat so your red hair can shine - add pins, wraps, bolos, + feathers to make it yours. 

Heather Grey Hats

Go for a pencil brim hat in heather grey - the color resembles limestone, a pleasant tint of grey - it’s one of the neutral colors that can make your locks look their best. 

Best Color Hat for Pale Skin

redhead woman in grey fedora

Fair-skinned + searching for the best hat color to bring out the underlying tones in your complexion? Shades of blues + greens are your best bet for making yourpretty skin glow.  

Darker shades of green like emerald or avelvety olive will do wonders for your light skin. Think of the pictures you’ve seen of the countryside in Ireland, or maybe you were there in person + you can remember the green cliffside outlooks. It’s no surprise that we find green to be so appealing against fair skin. 

Pale skin with freckles looks absolutely striking against a deep blue color. With the smooth texture of beautifully felted wool, fair skin will have a smooth + healthy natural glow. 


How Do I Know Which Hat Suits Me?

redhead woman with brown straw hat

There are a few simple ways you canfigure out which hat suits you best

  1. Face shape.

Your face can be in the shape of a heart, oval, triangle, square, or circle - determine what shape your face is + you can find a hat that suits you well.

      2. Match with your capsule wardrobe.

Think of all of your go-to garments in your closet – tees, jeans, + blazers, those pieces of clothing you can incorporate into your outfits for every occasion - that’s your capsule wardrobe!

Check out your closet + observe the colors you wear the most - add the hats to your collection that you can mix + match with the best - that way you have a hat for every outfit, no matter how diverse your style gets. 

      3. Wear the hats that make you smile.

Clothes have a huge impact on how we feel when we wear them, from fit to style to color, our clothes affect us in major ways. The author ofThe Psychology of Fashion, Carolyn Mair Ph.D. says, “What we wear…boosts our confidence and can ultimately affect our wellbeing.” This is what Gigi Pip hats are made for! 

While the colors in your closet + the shape of your face are great guidelines for choosing the hats that will suit you well, don’t forget to go for the hats that make you smile + will help you feel confident.

What Color Hat Goes With Everything?

neutral felt hats

So you’re looking for the hat color that goes with everything you love to wear? Explore the many neutral colors that go with any + all other hues you have in your closet. 

Neutrals are timeless. Colors in the neutral family will always be in style because every single woman looks amazing in them, no matter what their skin, hair, or face shape is like.Making timeless products that anyone can wear is a foundational part of the Gigi Pip story.

Neutral colors include white, black, tan, grey, brown, cream, dark + light blue - the best part about neutral-colored hats is that there’s a lot to choose from + you can never wear a beautiful hat too many times. These neutral colors will go with absolutely any outfit you have.   


Most Popular Hat Colors

redhead woman in off white felt hat

Hats that are offered in neutral tones arethe bestselling + most popular hat colors because they can go with every woman's hair color, wardrobe, + skin tone. When we see sophisticated red-headed, fair-skinned women shopping at our storefront they always gravitate towards our black + white hats. You can never go wrong with black or white - these are two of the colors that look great on everyone + go with every other color seamlessly. 

Lately, we’ve been seeing thatcustomers love our timeless Monroe rancher-style fedora. We offer such a wonderful variety of colors in this popular style + the most loved are black, brown, + off-white, because so many women feel self-assured in these, must-haves. Our pencil brim Maude off-white has been making a huge wave with our fans because it’s beautiful, unique, + completely customizable - you can make it your own + wear it anywhere.   


How to Match Hat Color With Clothes

redhead woman with ivory straw hat


Rules don’t always apply when it comes to fashion - however, we have developed certain tips you can use so that you candress to feel like your most confident self while letting your red hair shine. 

Wearing your off-white knit set + trying to decide which of your hats will go best? Since your clothes are already that fantastic neutral color that goes with anything - you can put literally any hat color on + you’ll look super chic. As you match your hat with your clothes, remember the tips from earlier + pair your ensemble so that it looks delightful against your vibrant hair + milky skin.

Adding a pop of color to break up the neutrals is easy when you have it flowing from your head already - any color you choose will fit oh so well + it’s up to you to decide which colors you’re feelin’ like putting on that day.

Continue the monochromatic scheme for a sophisticated look from head to toe. There are so many neutrals - they can range from lighter tints to darker shades + there are plenty of opportunities to create an elegant look that is timeless + will have you feeling powerful.  

What Color Clothes Go With Red Hair?

A pastel yellow denim button-up is a very posh color for a redhead - whether your hair is on the lighter side, or it happens to be a deeper shade. 

Denim in all its many loveable shades, from amodern + sharp navy to a soft indigo, can make a ginger look as good as ever. 

Have we mentioned neutrals like, at all? These trusty colors are your best friend as a redhead because they’ll take a back seat to let yourluscious red hair look it's very best

Every color you can imagine will go well with red hair if it’s a color that you love wearing. You know which outfits you feel invincible in + which clothing colors you don’t usually gravitate to. Wear the hat colors that make you feel unstoppable. 

rust, red, tan felt hat

The very best hat colors for red hair are everywhere you look. From navy to olive to white - your red hair will look gorgeous against any hat color you decide to have in your growing hat collection. Try as many hat colors as you can so you can figure out which hat colors allow you to feel like your most confident self.   xx