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June 18, 2024 1 min read

Congrats! If you're here you are likely just a few steps away from having a solution to the age old traveling with hats dilemma. 

Follow the instructions below before taking off on your next great adventure-- favorite hats in tow! 

Your Hat Case will be sent with four pieces: 

1: Body of the Hat Case 
2: Shoulder Strap 
3: Lage Foam Padding strip 
4: Small Foam Padding Rectangle 

For a Quick Visual Guide Watch our Video Here: 

If written instructions are more your speed follow along here: 

Step 1: Unzip the body of the case + insert the large foam strip between the outer walls + the inner lining. An interior zipper will be used to secure in place.

Step 2: The top of the case will have a second shorter interior zipper. Insert the smaller padding here. Note that this will have a longer height than width. 

Step 3: Clip the Shoulder strap to the exterior hardware. 


We'd love to see where in the world your hats go tag us @gigipip to share! To learn more about hat travel hacks + essentials, follow along our Effortless Ways to Travel With A Hat in 2024blog HERE!