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May 10, 2017 1 min read

whitney lundeen

We love + adore mama, Whitney Lundeen. Whitney is a mama of 2 boys, owner of a successful dress shop, Sonnet James + dance off queen (see #sjdanceitout). Whitney started Sonnet James to create a comfortable dress that was stylish, easy to play in + something she could wear during her pregnancy as well as after. 

whitney lundeen

Whitney is a truly inspiring lady + beautiful from the inside out. She inspires us to be better moms, more playful moms + to work hard. 


What is your very favorite part of motherhood?
Watching them grow.
What is the most used phrase you say to your children?
“Put your shoes on!”
What is your favorite children's book?
Owl Babiesby Martin Waddell
What is your best advice for fellow mother's?
Don't panic! and light up when they walk in the room.
Is there anyone that has inspired you to be the mother you are today?
Yes, two people come to mind: Sarah Wright, my first son's pre school teacher, and my big sister, Tiffany.