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May 01, 2017 3 min read

 Stephanie Pollock
hat: 'Cleo' by Gigi Pip
Stephanie is such an inspiring woman. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but wears the many hats of life beautifully as well --- wife, mama, photographer & blogger. We love how effortlessly and sincerely Steph lives all these roles in her life. She deserves an award, if you ask us!
"We're a slow living, Jesus loving crunchy kind of family. I'm loud, a bit messy with a side of clean. I like structure but I also like to skip the schedules and go with the flow of the day. Sometimes I go at 100 mph and others I like to binge watch Netflix." -Stephanie
A perfect balance! 
       Stephanie Pollock          Stephanie Pollock
hat: 'Nora' by Gigi Pip
"Hi, I'm Stephanie and I'm a lifestyle/mama blogger over at Kole Impressions Blog. I'm a Mama to one little girl and another on the way and hats make my life 100x better. Okay, I'm kind of exaggerating but also slightly serious. Being a wife, mother and business owner life can be busy to say the least. I love that hats are a quick and easy accessory to make my outfit pops or hide my tired eyes. I'm here today to talk about hats with color! 

When it comes to color I think its easy to play it safe and to stick with the basics. Especially if you are just breaking into the hat world. In my opinion hats that aren't your average color take your outfit to the next level. A colored hat can be the perfect statement piece for your outfit OR the perfect cover up when your running to grab that 6am coffee but aren't quite ready for the day and you want to look like a total babe. Am I the only one guilty of that? I love styling this mustard yellow hat with my everyday looks. If i'm wearing a neutral color like this pinstriped romper above I like to add this hat to make my outfit pop. I don't wear a lot of makeup and to me my hats are my finishing touches that I grab right before I run out the door"


Stephanie Pollock


Stephanie Pollock

"Sometimes I do like to mix it up and wear this yellow with colors that compliment it, like this Olive green shirt. I paired brown sandals to go with the brown suede trim around the hat to pull it all together. When I first started wearing more hats with color I would make sure everything matched but as time goes on and I am stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm finding myself constantly reaching for this one more than my others. I like how I can wear it all summer and transition it into perfectly into fall. 

If you've always stuck the basics but have always wanted to try something new, go for it! I think you'll love wearing a pop of color as much as I do. At first, pair your new colored hat with basics and then little by little start wearing them with other colors and reaching out of your comfort zone. Lets be honest, hats are the BEST accessory but confidence is key. Be confident in your decisions, do you and rock any of the hats you decide to wear.  Here's a few more of my favorite colored hats I've had my eye on. 

The Lydia Blue - PinstripeThe Annabell Red Floppy Hat and the Rose Pink vintage ball cap.