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September 22, 2022 6 min read


Hey GP fam! Do you know what time of year it is? That’s right - it’sbeanie season. With our new line of beanies we specifically have avariety for you to add to your wardrobe -we want our customers to be excited, to take on the chilly weather+have fun layering this season


Best Beanies for Every Occasion

Let's dive in! Here's how to pair your Gigi Pip beanie with the perfect fit, for every occasion. Three mood boards to get those creative juices flowing - our top picks…

Ky beanie outfit idea 

Ky Thick Knit Beanie - Tan

Your beanies make a statement when they include a rose gold pin like the Ky does - this classy accent will let you dress your beanie up with any + all of your preferable knit turtlenecks + pleated wool trousers. 


best sage pom beanie

Mo Pom Beanie

Go street + chic with the mo pom beanie - dusty sage. Match colors in the same family to create an original green look from head to toe. Throw on your faux fur coat for that extra flair, or dress it up with a wool oversized blazer. 

blush beanie for women

Blush is that soft + timeless neutral that will go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. Paired with other neutrals like white + tan, yourbeautiful blush beanie will add a subtle touch of color.


Which Beanies are the Warmest?

blue, brown, cream beanies with poms

Watch out for beanies that have a loose-knit if you really want to stay nice + toasty. Get yourself a high-qualitybeanie that is made using a tight-knit so the bitterness of winter can’t get through. 

Look for chunky knit styles — the thicker the material, the better it will be able to insulate + keep the heat trapped in for you as you’re snowshoeing through the hills. 

Warm ears can do wonders for keeping you comfortable on an extra chilly day. Be on the lookout for beanies that are designed to cover your ears. Some beanies are intentionally made to be longer + some beanies can be folded down over your ears. 

Best Beanies for Winter

Light blue beanie for every occassion

Winter calls for all the coziness you can get + that’s especially what you want out of a wonderful winter hat. One of the keys to really staying at the temperature you’re happy with is to get a beanie that will be thick enough to trap in all the hot air, but breathable enough so that you won’t get overheated. 

Ice skating with your friends is ultra picture-worthy when you’re gliding (or just trying not to fall) in a beanie that fits you flawlessly + also keeps you toasty in the brisk air. 

Whatever your fun winter activities entail, you can never go wrong with a well-made beanie that will pair with any outfit + will keep you plenty warm.Unexpected colorways, inventive silhouettes, + new textures. What more could a GP girl ask for in a beanie?

Best Women's Beanies 

Dressing in the winter season can be complicated because of all the different layers +at times, feel boring. It doesn’t have to be! The very best women’s beanies will need to fit into a woman’s life in all the most important ways - beanies need to look good with your wardrobe, + hairstyles!


Styling Beanies With Your Wardrobe

woman in blue beanie

Beanies are cute no matter what fit you're wearing them with - it all depends on the look you're shooting for. There are plenty of aesthetic beanie outfits - check out a few of the styles that go especially well with beanies.

  • Streetwear

Streetwear encapsulates the coolest urban vibes - sneakers + beanies are the best accessories you can put with your streetwear outfits. 

  • Apres Ski

Happily, hanging out on the mountainside with the best views + the best people? Taking off your helmet + switching it out for your warmest beanie is a good look for an after-ski hang. 

  • Loungewear

Feelin’ cute + cozy can’t be achieved unless you have your favorite beanie finishing off your relaxed look. 


5 Best Beanie Hairstyles for Women

Women’s beanies are the absolute best because they can go with all hairstyles, whether you have a cute pixie cut, long cascading locks, or any length in between. 

Natural Hat Hair

Wavy, curly, or straight, your natural hair texture + flow can always look great when topped with your favorite beanie. 

If your hair occasionally looks like Forrest Gump’s at the end of his cross country run, beanies will be your very best mate.A good beanie will always elevate your confidence on a rough hair day + accentuate it on your best hair days. 

Braided Hat Hair

Your beanie will stretch out enough to make way for your full, gorgeous braids, but don’t worry, it will go back to its original shape instead of staying stretched out.

Messy Bun Hat Hair

A low messy bun is a look to go for any time you put on your beanie. It will keep the hair out of your face without compromising your style. 

Pixie Cut Hat Hair

Let those heavily textured pieces peek out from under your beanie to frame your face +let your feminine features shine with the best beanie ever

Hat Hair + Bangs

Beanies + bangs make a duo that’s as iconic as Thelma + Louise or jeans + a tee. The look ofa well-styled beanie with fringe underneath is one you’ll always go to when you wanna feel like your very best self.  


Best Slouchy Beanie

Have you ever had a beanie that was too tight? It kinda gives you a headache after a while + it might be a bit itchy - you really don't want that!The best slouchy beanie is well-fitting but will have plenty of room in all the right places.

Slouchy beanies create a different look with more movement + shape to them. This style of the beanie ison the bohemian side + can be the perfect hat to match with your best flowy dress.  


Best Beanie Material

brown, tan, blue stack of  beanies

Warmth, breathability, + weather resistance are the three major benefits of the best beanie material. As long as you check off these three boxes, you will have a beanie that will stay in your wardrobe forever. 


Acrylic vs Wool Beanies

Acrylic Beanies

Beanies made out of acrylic are durable, weather-resistant, + great for retaining heat. Acrylic is essentially a material that is made to mimic thepositive properties of wool. 

Getting your acrylic beanie clean is quick + easy - just turn it inside out + wash it in cold water with colors that are similar. If you dry it with heat it could shrink, so be careful with that. 

Overall, the beanies that are made from acrylic will last you season after season + provide you plenty of warmth while giving you the coolest vibes. 


Wool Beanies

All-natural + oh so cozy, woolbeanies will give you the warmth you need through freezing rain, snow, + sleet. Stay super warm while you’re out in the elements, or just look really cute while you’re inside by the fire when you wear a wool beanie. 

Wool is one of the best materials in the world for hats. Wool does not absorb moisture easily, instead, it pushes it away for you. So when you’re out enjoying the snow, you can do so while staying dry. 


Acrylic + Wool Blend Beanies

Blending fabrics like acrylic + wool gives you the best of both worlds + makesthe warmest knit beanie you’ll ever put on. All the pros of each material are put into one beanie that you can wear with a casual fit, or match with your winter athleisure. 

Together, we have covered all the vital beanie information you need to know for any outfit, season, + occasion. You can dress them up, or keep them casual depending on your hair, outfit, + activity of choice. Beanies are the hats that can be enjoyed all year round + they look amazing on every woman. Try out every style, color, + material of beanie to find out whichhats you can’t live without.  xx