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November 12, 2020 3 min read


Our Fall + Winter collection draws its inspiration from the practice and the beauty in stillness. Through our collection, we wish to encourage you to take a moment to slow down, take a deep breath, and connect with your senses. 

Embrace all the hats you wear + allow your stillness to counteract the whirlwind of the ever-changing world around you.



The Design Process 

The “caesura” symbol, which consists of two parallel vertical lines, indicates where a breath should be taken in poetry. If you read music, you may recognize the same symbol which denotes a significant break or ‘pause’ in the music. With so much noise happening all around us, there is no better time to create space to pause + find stillness. As the seasons continue to ebb + flow, we're finding stillness to be a mental retreat from the ever-changing world around us. 

stillness gigi pip 2020 launch

The colors in this collection were inspired by the falling leaves of Autumn. As the leaves begin to change, the world around us is glazed by beautiful tones. These beautiful tones were transformed into colors in the collection. You will find a variety of oranges, creams + reds throughout the entire collection. 


The Collection 


We are delighted to share with you our Fall + Winter collection. These felt hats are definitely a staple for this season's wardrobe. They are perfect for cozy indoor days, festive outdoor activities + all your holiday plans! These new styles are all made with 100% Australian wool + are available in extended sizes.

All our hats are made with an adjustable band to give you your desired fit, especially when styling them!

brown hats

The Dakota is a unique wide brim style. She is a beauty + is perfect for an every day hat. The Dakota has a triangle crown and a wide flat brimIf you're a fan of the Emma or Scottie, we know you'll love the Dakota!

black and cream hats
The Zephyr is our women's rancher style with a teardrop crown and a stiff, curled up brim. The Zephyr is a unique sage variation of our bestselling Monroe Rancher. The curled up brim is universally flattering + looks AMAZING on everyone! 
dark brown hats
The TY This women's felt gambler hat has a tall telescope crown and a wide, upturned brim making it a totally unique style. She is perfect for your holiday plans! The tall crown will make you feel like the queen that you are. 
cinnamon hats

Your favorite gambler style is now back with even more colors! This beauty was designed with a slightly curled up brim and telescope crown, the Ginger is one of the most fashionable hats to reach the shelves of Gigi Pip. This neutral gambler hat has the perfect blend of stiffness added to it and is ready to wear, well anywhere.

gray hats
Giddy up, girlfriend! We're bringing all the Western vibes to Gigi Pip this Fall and that includes this iconic cattleman crown felt hat. The Ezra features a tall crown that slopes from front to back and a wide, turned up brim. It's decked with a nude, foldover grosgrain trim featuring a knot in the back and our Gigi Pip brass pin. We love this western style spin on a classic grey fedora. The Ezra is available in two different colors mix gray + tan. 


This collection was designed for you. You are the woman who wears many hats, and what better way to embrace those hats than by owning them and making them yours? Customize your hats with our bands, try a new color, a new crown style, or even size!

We encourage you to embrace the many hats you wear. We also encourage you to remember life has many moving parts but, press pause + allow stillness to hold more space in your life.

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