November 12, 2020 1 min read

Gigi Pip Hat Color Comparison Guide

A common question we get from our Gigi Pip customers is how hat colors compare to one another + color variations across styles. We hear you and understand that choosing a hat isn't always a simple decision. Our mission is to build confidence in women + we want to ensure you have confidence as you're choosing a hat that's best for YOU. 

There are many hat color variations here at Gigi Pip -- one to match every outfit in your wardrobe. Take a look at our most common requested hat color comparisons + how our Fall Winter 20 styles compare to our current styles. 

Gigi Pip Hat Colors: Brown, Taupe, Tan + Cinnamon 

2020 Ginger Gambler Hat Colors: Brown, Taupe + Cinnamon

Dahlia Brown, Hannah Rust + Dakota Rusty Red

Grey Hat Colors: Light Grey, Grey, Heather Grey + Dark Grey

Wren Green + Zephyr Sage

Gigi Pip Light Hat Colors: Off-White, Ivory, Cream, Blush, + Oatmeal 


Hat Color: Cream 

Monroe Rancher Oatmeal + Zephyr Mix Ivory

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