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August 17, 2020 4 min read


Buyers guide to fedoras


The History of the Fedora Hat

The fedora hat has been a fashion sensation for over a century. In the 1880s, French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt popularized the fedora to the female audience. She played the role of Princess Fedora Romanov in the play "Fedora" by Victorien Sardou. In this play she wore a wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat. The fashionable hat became highly recognized as the symbol for the women's rights movement. Now when you wear your fedora you'll be reminded of its symbolism to women empowerment. 


French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt


 What is a Fedora? 

A fedora is normally described as a soft felt hat with a creased or pinched crown with a medium to wide brim. Today, any hat that resembles the original fedora hat is also considered to be a fedora this even includes hats made of straw or twill! 

Although, the fedora's features varies from hat to hat the 2 most important features are the the crown and brim of the hat.

The crown is the top portion of the hat. The height can vary from tall such as our WES 5.25" (13.5 cm) to short like our MONROE 3" (7.5cm). On most fedoras you will find a dent or crease on the crown. This is one of the key indicators of a fedora! 

The brim is horizontal part of the hat! It also varies in size. A short brim such as the one on our LEO is perfect for someone who has a smaller face. The ISLA on the other hand, has a wide brim perfect for all outdoors activities. The wider the brim the more shade + protection from the sun!

Some fedoras will come with a band already attached to the hat such as the MILLER  + others like the SCOTTIE  you can personalize and add you own band to it! Check out all our removable bands


parts of a fedora hat

Where to start:

Our fedora collection was designed with your closet + style in mind. Our ladies fedora hats feature a range of styles from feminine to bold and everything in between. If this is your first time shopping for a hat or trying to find the perfect gift for that "hat person" in your life, then a fedora style is the way to go! A ladies fedora is a classic + timeless silhouette that will never go out of style.

Our goal today is to help your find that perfect fedora! Follow these easy steps to determine which hat fits your style best!  

Find your hat size! Before you start shopping it is so important that you measure your head + find your perfect fit. Here's a quick Hat Sizing Guide to get you started! Our fedora's come with an adjustable band that allows you find your exact fit! 

Choose your style! We believe that the perfect hat for you is the one that makes you feel like a queen! Our styles vary from short to tall crowns and wide to short brims. Click here to Find the Right Brim for your Face

Choose the material! Fedora hats can be made out of leather, felt, wool, cashmere and even straw! All material we use to create our beautiful hats are sourced all around the world! Our wool comes from Australia, leather comes from different parts of Europe and Asia, and straw come from South America, and they're all brought together to form a truly unique product. 

Creating ethically made products is a standard of Gigi Pip. We do all we can to ensure that our products are produced in a manner that demonstrates respect for the people who produce them including abiding by appropriate age laws, labor laws, and paying fair and sustainable compensation.


Shop straw fedoras
shop felt fedoras


All of our fedora hats for women are best sellers so you can't go wrong! Here are some of our recommendations to start with the Wes and the Arlo. These are perfect to start your hat collection! 


Wes felt fedora hat



Arlo off white straw fedora hat


If you are lucky to find the Monroe and Scottie in your size, then we recommend you buy it since it is our best seller and tends to sell out quickly!


Monroe felt fedora hat



Scottie felt fedora hat gray


These new fedoras from our FW 2020 collection are a must for your closet! They are perfect to style + personalize them with hat bands! 
Dakota felt fedora hat


Zephyr felt fedora hat

When creating each hat we go above and beyond to make sure we have the best product on the market. We back this up with our confidence guarantee, which is our promise to get you the hat you feel comfortable with, even if that requires us to cover shipping back and forth.

The next step:

Congratulations, you've found your perfect hat and now it's time to make it your own! Check out our removable bands. They are a fun way to personalize your hat and give it your own style! 

Emma fedora with camel pin hat band

Where to Wear:

Don't know where to wear your new fedora hat? Don't worry we got you covered! Here are our top 5 places where to wear a fedora hat. Fedoras are great for every season + every occasion, so what better way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall than with a few fedoras! They can dress up or down any outfit. They’re actually incredible. Check this out.



what to wear in the country hats