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September 29, 2022 5 min read

Travel with Your Hat: The Best Hat Luggage Case 

Hats make every vacation day photo-worthy. But the thing is, traveling with hats is kind of a pain unless you have a properhat travel case! We’ll show you how to keep your favorite hats protected, simple to pack, + easy to travel with. 

hat travel case

The Best Hat Travel Case You'll Ever Use 

We love to travel + of course, we love hats so it was a MUST to find a way to combine the two. Our travel case was developed to be

  • protective  
  • chic
  • pretty 
  • functional 
  • easy to travel with 

Hat bands in travel case pocket

We nailed functionality with our softshell hat travel case. One of the best things about it is that it’s collapsable, so when you’re not jet-setting you can store it easily at home. 

All you need to do is undo the inner zipper that goes around the perimeter of the case – take the walls out, fold ‘em up, + tuck them into the inner sleeve of the lid. Then the case will flatten out. 

We recommend that you opt for theclear hat travel case cover for an added layer of protection, so you don’t have to worry about your case getting scratched, wet, or scuffed.  

What is the Best Hat Travel Bag for Women? 

Travel hat case

We have a feeling you already know the answer, but we love to talk up our new travel bag, so here are more reasons why ours is top-notch. 

  • Easy to pack + carry anywhere
  • Collapsable with removable sidewalls 
  • Pockets for passport, hat accessories
  • Add a case cover for extra protection
  • It’s the best way to transport your hats

How do You Carry a Hat When Traveling?

Would you like to talk about how to carry a hatbefore getting your hat travel case, orafter getting your hat travel case? Both? Cool, us too. 

Before Your Hat Travel Case

It’s finally here – the trip you’ve been dying to go on! You have your “any weather could happen” outfits planned + they all include hats to match. You watchedour video on how to pack a hat in your suitcase, so you got that down, but what about your other hats that won’t fit in your luggage? 

You’re already wearing your go-to Monroe + have a packable bucket hat in your carry-on, so what are you supposed to do with the rest? You can’t just hold them all, that’s crazy talk. Solve your problem ASAP + get yourself a hat travel case. 

hat luggage case with shoulder strap

After Your Hat Travel Case 

Say farewell to your hat travel problems because we designed just the fix you need. Now you can fit (depending on the style) up to 3 hats in your case. Stack each hat comfortably against the next with the crown up. Secure your hats with the two straps at the bottom of the bag. 

Are you a hat accessory kind of girl? We can relate, that’s why we designed the case with a sleek zipper pocket on the inside of the trolley sleeve to keep yourhat feathers, bands, + pinssafe during transportation. You can also place your hat accessories at the bottom inside your first hat crown so they don’t shuffle around in the bag. 

Wide Brim Hat Travel Case

Fit multiple hats into your hat luggage case

Wide brims can be tricky to accommodate, but we pulled it off. You can easily fit any Gigi Pip felt or straw hat in the hat travel case. Well… there is one little exception + that’s the Gwen – this brim is extra wide + doesn’t quite fit. 

The wide felt brims in our lineup like the Scotty, Emma, Cara Loren, + Maude all fit super well in the travel case. The edges of these brims won’t get bent at all, there’s just the right amount of room to fit them securely so they don’t move around, but also aren’t pressing against the edge. 

A lot of our straw styles come in wider brims + they make great traveling companions now that they can be carried around with ease. 

Hat Carrier for Travel

Travel hat case with passport pocket

Protecting your hats is essential when boarding a plane, going on a cruise, or taking a long train ride between European countries. 

Transportation of any sort can get a little bumpy. Have you ever been on an especially turbulent plane ride? First of all, it’s terrifying, but also your stuff gets so jostled around that it could get scratched up during the ride. 

Can you imagine your most beloved hat in an overhead bin, unprotected? It would for sure get crushed or acquire some kind of stain + you’d be so bummed! So, traveling with a case that’s made for carrying hats is just as important as a suitcase is for your clothes. 


Gigi Pip Hat Carrying Totes You’ll Love

Best hat carrying tote for trips

Are you a genuine leather kinda gal or do you lean more toward canvas? We made a hat-carrying tote every woman will love, it comes in both of these materials + they look good!

Not only do our totes perform as an everyday bag, they’re also great for little day trips and weekend getaways. Plus, you can have a free hand to hold your coffee instead of struggling to hang on to your hat, your phone, + your drink at the same time. 

So, it’s like a regular tote, but better. The genuine leather tote comes in a really pretty blush with two inner pockets + a u-shaped strap to secure the brim. 

Our canvas tote is just as cute – we decided on cream for this one, you know we love our neutrals. Adjustable buckles give a little shimmer to the parallel straps used to keep your hat in place. 

Is a Hatbox a Carry-On?

A hat box is another name for a hat case + we say yes to it being a carry-on. It’s really easy to stow above, but the case is probably a bit too big to fit under the seat in front of you, then again, so is everything else. 

No need to worry about checking it when you have the case cover to protect it from the gross baggage claim belt + any other surfaces that might stain/damage it. 

Canvas tote

Okay, it’s time to plan a trip for the sole purpose of taking your new hat travel case for a test run. You already know it makes a great carry-on bag + if you’re checking it, grab a case cover so it stays in pristine condition. Our hat travel case gives you more reasons to never leave home without your hats again.