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April 02, 2018 3 min read

Have you ever wondered how hats are made? Probably not, right? Often times, we take for granted or don't even realize how much time and effort goes into creating what we put on our bodies every day. All we know is the process of purchasing the hat you've had your eye on, getting a shipping confirmation email and seeing it arrive on your front doorstep a few days later. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Except, it's not that easy.

Did you know there is an actual term for hatmaking? It's called millineryand it is the design, manufacture, and sale of hats and headwear, particularly women's hats. Pretty cool right? You learn something new every day. 

juniper baseball cap

Hat: Juniper Black Wool Felt Baseball Cap 

The journey of your Gigi Pip hat takes is actually more complicated and extensive than you may think. Wanna know how your Gigi Pip hat is made from start to finish. Grab a snack and keep on reading babes! 

The Process of CreatingBaseball Hats: 


Depending on the selected hat and fabric (wool, polyester, cotton, etc.), the layers of the hat pattern are cut into varying shapes and sizes. These layers are then stacked on top of each other and cut all at the same time using a fabric cutting saw. 


In the case of baseball hats, some designs will include an inner layer behind the front panels of the hat. This helps stiffen the front panels, give support and keep the shape of the hat solid. 


Step 3 is all about forming the crown of the hat. Long, triangular shaped sections of fabric accompanied by large machines in factories create small holes in the pieces and bond them together with thread. 

FUN FACT: All sections of the hat must contain one eyelet to allow for sweat and excess water to escape.

jojo baseball cap

Hat: Jojo Two Toned Baseball Cap


The front two panels of the hat are then sent to be embroidered to get that cute Gigi Piplogo or other designs like our XOXO baseball hats. The embroidering happens by computerized machines that thread words or logos onto the hat panels. The crazy thing about embroidery is some designs can be made up of 30,000 thread stitches.


The next step is putting it all together. The panels of the hat that create the crown are then stitched together by an industrial machine. The visor of the hat is cut and sewn onto the hat. Visors are created by putting a stiffener like plastic inside to keep the shape. 

Most of the Gigi Pip baseball hats are one size with an adjustable fabric band for all head shapes, but some companies will only sew the front panels of the hat and adjust the back panel to fit the desired size.


The final step is the sweatband. The sweatband is sewn on with labels and tags added. The final product is then steamed to set the shapeand ta-dah! You've got yourself a baseball hat. Way more work than you thought right?

We hope learning about the process of how the Gigi Pip hats are made give you a greater appreciation for the hats you wearboth figuratively and literally because there is an amazing person out there that wears the hat of a hat maker and makes all your hat dreams come true. 

roxy ballcap

Hat: Roxy Distressed Caramel Ball Cap 



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