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April 15, 2022 7 min read

How to Style Hats for Blonde Hair 2022

olive felt hat blonde woman


We’re gonna let you in on a little secret … just pull up a color wheel online, close your eyes, + drag your finger around until you feel like stopping - whichever color you land on isa great hat color for you as a blonde because you look good in everything! We have a deeply saturated guide here for how to style hats for blonde hair + we’re gonna cover it all: hat colors, hairstyles, + styling tips - let’s get into it!


What Color Hat Goes with Blonde Hair?

Pastels, earthy tones, neutral colors, dark, light, black + white - seriously any color you want will match well with your blonde hair. There are no colors you should avoid as a blonde; however, depending on what shade of blonde you are, certain colors will look better than others. 

blonde woman in pink felt hat


- Pastels are elegant + calming which makes a great match for lighter hair. You can find two different pastels to wear in ourdae x Gigi Pip collection

- Earthy tones are warm + will not wash out your blonde, however light or dark your shade may be. Brown or olive green works in harmony with any color of hair, especially when worn with lighter hair tones. 

- Neutrals are our favorite hues becauseevery woman can find a neutral that makes them feel the best. For blondes, darker neutrals like beige, tan, + cinnamon are big winners because they’ll accentuate lighter hair. 

- Darker hats will create a beautiful contrast against your fair hair. Putting dark-colored hats with light locks lets both your hair + your hat stand out separately. 

Black + white felt hats are timeless. These colors will not only highlight your pretty blonde curls, but they’ll go swimmingly with any + all of the colors in your wardrobe.  

How to Not Look Washed Out with Blonde Hair?

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Looking washed out is the result of a color of hat or clothing that makes your blonde hair seem faded or pale in comparison. Looking washed out can be avoided, but it’s different for everyone depending on the tones your blonde hair carries. 

Platinum Blonde: Your hair color is ultra-awesome, so go for colors that can be on that level without degrading it. 

  • OurMonroe Rancher - Wine is the ideal fit for your bright hair, the deep merlot tones will be able to stand out on their own while allowing your hair to glow. 

Sandy Blonde: With your light + natural hair - grab a hat color with earthy tones that won’t let your hair appear ashy.

Honey Blonde: Smooth + rich, your hair color needs those same qualities in a hat.

  • OurMiller - Fedora - Navy possesses the right amount of class with a modern look that will complement the warm colors in your locks. 


What Color Looks Best on Blondes?

rusty red felt wool hat women


Just because you look fabulous in everything doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite go-to colors! What looks best on you depends primarily on whichhat colors you love yourself in.

We have a few pro tips to look out for when you’re finding the best colors to go with your blonde mane. 

  1. Find colors to highlight your natural hair. 
  2. Go for colors that are lighter or darker than your tones of blonde so you don’t look washed out.
  3. Wear hat colors that make you feel amazing! 

Our List of Hat Colors Blondes Look Especially Stunning in:

pastel green felt fedora womens


  • Rusty Red

So many people were on the waitlist for ourDakota - Rusty Red felt hat because of the gorgeous dye our design team created from a custom Pantone color. 


  • Dusty Pink

The Cara Loren pencil brim hat comes in a dusty pink that looks flawless against her bright blonde hair, as well as her adorable daughter’s light locks. It’s true, thisdusty pink hat comes in kid’s sizes too!

  • Cinnamon

Consider this therich neutral hat color that will go with your blonde, however dark or light it is. 

  • Black

You don’t have to beStevie Nicks to be a blonde in a black hat! The timeless Monroe - Black is always on our bestsellers list because you just can’t go wrong with it. 

What Color Looks Best on Dirty Blondes?

You have the best of both worlds with dirty blonde hair because you can wear the hats that go with both blonde and brunette hair. Make the light brown towns in your hair sing with natural colors like sage, rust, + burnt sienna.

 olive green wool felt hat


Do Hats Make You Lose Hair?

Of course, hats do not make you lose your hair, no way! If anything, hatsenhance your hair on any given day + they help you out on not-so-great hair days too. Let’s check out some chic hat hairdos, from Amber Fillerup Clark, that you can feel confident about.

Rose gold entwined pigtails are so original + will give your hair some character while looking super cute with adistressed blush ball cap

Zig zag dutch braid - this is to die for because it gives your voluminous hair so much personality + looks extra sophisticated with the Dae triangle crown. 


Gigi Pip Hats are Good for Hair

It’s all in the lining of our hats that makes them especially great for hair. We use satin to line all of our felt hats, this is the best material because it’s smooth so it won’t break or tangle your hair. 


What Hats are Good for Hair?

black fedora hat womens


Hats + hair are the ultimate power couple. With all the different styles of hats, you’re bound to find the ones that fit your personality + your hairstyle. 

Take a look at some suggestions we have for the hats that will look super special with the hairstyle you own.

Berets with a bob - agh, it’s just so cute! This duo shows off your cheekbones + lets your spunky personality illuminate any boutique you walk into. 

Ball caps + low buns - sporty + sophisticated at the same time? Yup, it’s possible when you pair a soft cotton cap with a voluminous messy bun. 

Let your hair down with felt hats- when your hair is in a flow state, it can only get better with aclassy wool hat. 

Lieutenant caps + braided pigtails -this is such a playful vibe + it’s a look you can recreate with so many different outfits. 

Should Your Hat + Shoes Match?

Matching your hat color to your shoe color is a wonderful way to tie together your whole look. When you match your hat with your shoes, it gives the impression that everything in between belongs because it’s all being brought together with the colors on each end. 

Achieving a cohesive color scheme will happen with ease + grace when you have a neutral-colored hat that goes with everything. So when you’re wearing your soft Gigi Pip sweatshirt in white, you can wear your classic Zephyr - Cream + pair them with atrending chunky white sneaker. 


How do You Pick a Hat That Looks Good on You? 

blonde woman wool felt hat


Get in front of the mirror + try on all of the hats that catch your eye, even the ones that seem like you couldn’t pull off. Trust us,you can pull off any style + color hat you like.  

Start with hats you know for a fact you would wear in your everyday life. If you’re a strawberry blonde woman who loves a honey straw hat, start with that + work your way into some different hat styles that are new for you. 

We’ve noticed how often our customers start out wearing hats with shorter brims - this is a great first step. When they’re comfortable + confident with that, they move into brims that are a bit wider, which they seem to love because it gives them more variety. 

The Cara Loren signature collection is a great place to start looking for hats that have that classic look, but with a flair. You already know you likea hat that is both fashionable + wearable - try on a hat with a unique pencil brim, then you’ll have a look that is fresh, yet familiar. 


What Colors Should You Wear if You Have Gray Hair?

grey haired woman in fedora hat


Salt + pepper, gray-haired, silver fox - all great names for one of the most alluring hair colors there is!Gray is great because any color will complement it.  

Stick to the grayscale with black hats. A black hat will allow your gray hair to look as striking as ever in comparison. As your hair turns from salt + pepper to more prominent shades of silver, your black hat will continue to go perfectly with each new stage. 

Embrace dusty pink hats to match the femininity + lightness of your soft silver locks. Dusty pink will not only complement your hair, but it will also work with your skin to make your appearance even more vibrant. 

Styling hats for blonde hair is so much fun because you have absolutely no limitations when it comes to color. White, black, + everything in between can elevate the tones in your blonde hair. There are so many golden bits of info for you to take away here, but if nothing else, remember that no hat will ever cause your hair loss! Never ever! As you expand your hat collection, be sure to wear the hats that make you feel incredible. xx