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March 13, 2019 2 min read

A challenge in creativity, fashion, + minimalism? Count us in!


10x10 outfit challenge


The 10x10 challenge has the participant choose 10 pieces of clothing to mix + match in various outfits over the span of 10 days (not including include certain items such as jewelry, underwear, nightwear, etc).

Some may see it as limiting or impractical but a true 10x10 experience will teach you concepts such as “less is more”, getting creative with your personal style, + investment in core pieces of your wardrobe. 

And it’ll save you time getting ready in the morning! Who doesn’t need a little more of that in their lives, right???


But before you head over to Pinterest to get your 10x10 on, here are a few tips on getting started:

  • Consider the weather. This could drastically change what you choose for your 10 pieces of clothing. And we totally don't think thermals count, if you live in colder weather. 

  • Choose pieces that are mostly neutral in color. Pieces that are easy to layer are a bonus! 

  • Choose 1-2 hard-hitters that will add personality to any outfit. Maybe a fun blazer or patterned shirt? 

  • Don’t think too hard about it. We know there are some over-thinkers in the audience, but resist the urge to over analyze. This is supposed to be fun!
We’ve teamed up with Katelyn of @corporateglitter to show you how to incorporate hats into your 10x10 challenge this season.
Katelyn’s 10x10 selections. She has a good mix of basics + core pieces to wear throughout the challenge.


Here’s a few examples of how you can add a hat to any outfit to instant elevate a look:



  Hat Shown: EMMA


 Hat Shown: SCOTTIE  in Grey


 Hat Shown: SCOTTIE in Black



Definitely check out Katelyn on her Instagram @corporateglitter + her blog Corporate Glitter for more details about her wardrobe, where she shops, + the hats she wears!


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