10x10 Challenge : 10 pieces of clothing + 10 days

Posted on March 13 2019

A challenge in creativity, fashion, + minimalism? Count us in!



The 10x10 challenge has the participant choose 10 pieces of clothing to mix + match in various outfits over the span of 10 days (not including include certain items such as jewelry, underwear, nightwear, etc).

Some may see it as limiting or impractical but a true 10x10 experience will teach you concepts such as “less is more”, getting creative with your personal style, + investment in core pieces of your wardrobe. 

And it’ll save you time getting ready in the morning! Who doesn’t need a little more of that in their lives, right???


But before you head over to Pinterest to get your 10x10 on, here are a few tips on getting started:

  • Consider the weather. This could drastically change what you choose for your 10 pieces of clothing. And we totally don't think thermals count, if you live in colder weather. 

  • Choose pieces that are mostly neutral in color. Pieces that are easy to layer are a bonus! 

  • Choose 1-2 hard-hitters that will add personality to any outfit. Maybe a fun blazer or patterned shirt? 

  • Don’t think too hard about it. We know there are some over-thinkers in the audience, but resist the urge to over analyze. This is supposed to be fun!
We’ve teamed up with Katelyn of @corporateglitter to show you how to incorporate hats into your 10x10 challenge this season.
Katelyn’s 10x10 selections. She has a good mix of basics + core pieces to wear throughout the challenge.


Here’s a few examples of how you can add a hat to any outfit to instant elevate a look:



  Hat Shown: EMMA


 Hat Shown: SCOTTIE  in Grey


 Hat Shown: SCOTTIE in Black



Definitely check out Katelyn on her Instagram @corporateglitter + her blog Corporate Glitter for more details about her wardrobe, where she shops, + the hats she wears!


Inspired to add a hat to your wardrobe? Check out our entire collection here: ALL HATS


Need to find your hat size? Check out our Hat Sizing 101 Blog Post. 

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  • Deborah: August 28, 2019

    Thank you for the great ideas in switching up a neutral color group! I can really appreciate the style you have choosen which suits all aged women not just the 20 something category. It is most refreshing. The style looks neutral minimalist, smart, boho. Well done.

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