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November 08, 2021 3 min read

Women’s Bucket Hat Outfits for 2022 [From the ’90s]

Ah, the ’90s. We sing your praises for bringing us Tamagotchi's, AOL chat, the Spice Girls, and so much more. Every Y2K trend that makes a comeback brings with it a surge of nostalgia (Think: scrunchies, platform shoes, and choker necklaces), and the bucket hat craze is no different.

Whether you were one of those ’90s kids repping the trend on the playground or you are just now embracing the trend for the first time, there are plenty of ways to bring a fresh twist to this hip-hop style staple from 30 years ago.

Check out these women’s bucket hat outfits inspired by Gigi Pip’s very own Rylee bucket hat.

Women on the beach wearing a bucket hat.

1. Soak Up the Sun in Your Summer Bucket Hat

 Bucket hats are the perfect pairing of style and functionality—the brim protects your face from the sun, making it the ideal hat for a hot summer day. Wear your bucket hat to the beach, lake, or pool, then toss it to the side when you take a dip.

The Rylee bucket hat is made of 100% cotton, making it durable and easy to stow away in a beach bag or carry-on as you head out on a tropical vacation. Style yours with a swimsuit and an oversized button-down coverup for a sophisticated twist on the ’90s trend. Or, throw on a tank and cut-off denim shorts for an easy summer look that leaves you ready for any spontaneous adventure.

Woman wearing bucket hat in a sweater

2. Protect Your Locks on a Chilly Day

Good news! No need to put your bucket hat away when summer comes to an end because it’s equally suited for fall and winter. Pair a bucket hat with a cozy, thick knit sweater for chilly days spent reading by the fireplace. Or top off your jeans and trench coat with a bucket hat to protect your fresh locks on a cold, damp day.

The brim will keep the wind, rain, and snow out of your face as you tromp down the sidewalk for school pickup or a dash to the car for your morning commute. And don’t forget to roll up the front brim for a casual, customized look!

Woman kneeling on grass wearing bucket hat

3. Add a Fun Twist to Your Dressier Looks

We’re not one to proclaim any hard and fast fashion rules. But if there’s one principle we stand by, it’s that an unexpected twist can elevate just about any outfit. So, when you’re seeking a statement with your dressier looks, a bucket hat is the perfect finishing touch.

It’s unexpected, fun, and a little bit funky—ensuring your outfit will make a splash at dinner, a birthday party, or any other occasion. We love the idea of matching a neutral bucket hat with a statement dress or even dress pants and a blazer to take your look to the next level.

Woman in a bucket hat sitting on grass with dog

4. Top Off a Casual Outfit with a Bucket Hat

Before bucket hats took the ’90s hip-hop scene by storm, they were a wardrobe staple for Irish fishermen—meaning the accessory is rooted in casual style. Naturally, then, a bucket hat is a perfect finishing touch to your classic jeans and T-shirt combo.

Whether you’re wearing a graphic tee, striped top, or your favorite athleisure look, a bucket hat and some cool kicks will add interest to an otherwise basic outfit. 

Rep Your Bucket Hat in Style

With these four women's bucket hat outfit styling ideas under your belt, you’re more than ready to rock this ’90s trend with confidence.

Pick up the 100% cotton, satin-lined Rylee bucket hat in a fresh line-up of modern, neutral colors, including sage green, brown, cream, and lavender. It’s easy to pack, toss in a bag, or throw on for a summer bike ride or day by the pool. The unique piping details and gold GP pin give it that Gigi Pip signature style, too.

We have so much fun embracing throwback trends like this, and we know you will too. You’re a woman who wears many hats—and this trend is the perfect one for showing your playful and laid-back side!