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December 07, 2021 7 min read

10 Cute Outfits with Winter Hats

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Stylish Winter Hats for Ladies | 2022

  It’s time once again to bring out your wonderful winter wardrobe for another season of sipping hot chocolate, ice skating with your friends, + reading your favorite books by the fire. No winter outfit is complete without a beautiful hat to top it off! While beanies are an obvious go-to, there are so many kinds of hats you can wear to stay warm + in vogue - berets, bucket hats, + felt hats will give you a variety of great looks you can put together all winter long.

Don't Shy Away From a Winter Beret

  Beret bewilderment is real! We want to remedy that with tips on how to wear a beret + most importantly, how to style it.Berets have a fascinating history - worn by artists, black panthers, military personnel + fashionistas throughout the years. Most iconically, berets are worn slanted to one side, set above the ears + situated slightly on the forehead. Berets are designed to hold their shape, so you don’t need to worry about having to keep your eye on it over the course of the day. Now that you know how to properly put one on, we can move on to a few chic beret looks.

  Prep your aesthetic up with a lesson from Audrey Hepburn + show off a beret with a fitted plaid skirt + sweater set. You’ll want to layer up, so add a blazer over it to stay warm while winter rolls in + offset all that marvelous plaid with a neutral solid. These gloomy gray months are the perfect time to show off a classic Parisian look that never disappoints or fades. Tie the waist of your herringbone tweed trench coat, lace up your vegan leather combat boots + slant your beret just the way you like it, for an evening out to see the Nutcracker. A beret with a black turtleneck has been a poetic cliche - however, you can carry this look in a new direction with pleated trousers + sleek, shiny loafers. You’ll be dressed to go out for drinks with your honey, peruse a local art exhibit, or grab a latte at your usual spot. Berets are avante-garde in the best way + will give sophistication to your cold weather attire.

Bucket Hats all Winter Long

  Bucket hats are one of the most versatile accessories you’ll ever put on + surprisingly appropriate for every season. Whatever look you want to compliment, a bucket hat will surely go with it. Pull on your most worn Levi's with an oversized tee + you’ll be selfie ready as soon as you flip up your brim. Bucket hat brims are really fun to fiddle with - there are so many simple ways to change their style. You can bend the front to show off your bangs, or keep it down to block those occasional bright winter rays. There are countless ways to incorporate abucket hat into your frosty weather wardrobe, especially if you have an eclectic fashion sense. 

  Completing a fashionable look doesn’t stop at picking the right outfit for the day, you also need to decide which hairdos work for you + your bucket hat alike. There is no greater match to your bucket hat than a fishtail braid, showing your playful, fun side. Wrapping your hair in a low messy bun will go wonderfully with your hat any day. Or maybe you’re heading to the airport to pick up your bestie for a girl’s weekend + don’t have time to mess with your hair. Let it fall naturally + still look as put together as ever. 

  Athleisure layers will have you looking effortlessly gorgeous to + from the gym. Comfort is crucial during the long winter months + athleisure offers you the luxury of staying fashionable too. Give off a glow after spin class in a down vest over your reflective, fitted cycling jacket.  Show off your neon striped biker shorts with knee high rain boots + an extra thick puffer coat. And, of course, a cropped raglan sleeve hoodie with yourfaux leather leggings + your satin lined bucket hat could very easily become your default December uniform for all of your activities - at home, or while you’re out. 

  You want to show off all the pieces you love + have thoughtfully collected over the years. What else in your winter wardrobe would pair fantastically with your bucket hat? A wide legged neutral pant will go well with your tan bucket hat + baggy blue jacket. Or, pull out your rustic olive green jumpsuit you thrifted on your most recent road trip. Jumpsuits can have a cool utilitarian look + feel to them because they're often made of a weighty waxed canvas or cotton, just like a well made bucket hat, making them one of the best options for winter wear. Now that you are channeling a vintage pilot vibe, remember to tighten your adjustable inner band + you are ready to soar.

Aesthetic Beanie Outfits

  Beanies keep you warmer than the center of a homemade cinnamon roll + they are one of the most exciting things to bring out for winter. Beanies are so beloved because they’re universal. They can be worn all season long with any outfit you’re feelin’ that day. Whether you’re dressing girly, in streetwear, sporty, casual, or tomboy chic - beanies look cute on everyone, no matter what your personal aesthetic happens to be. 

  Outfit ideas for incorporating beanies into your cold weather garb are endless. Beanies come in all different shapes + sizes, which means they are easy to style, sometimes in very subtle ways. The simple act of pulling your beanie over your ears, in especially chilly circumstances, can change the whole vibe of your outfit. Some beanies are longer + wider than others, which creates more shape + body + more space for lots of hair - while others may be designed to fit snug against your head. If it is a knit beanie, it could be a tight knit or a loose knit + that can determine how you wear your hair with it. Beanies are designed to be extremely diverse, so you can match them with literally anything to look, + most importantly, feel your very best.

  Sometimes all you need to do is decide which of your awesome 90’s grunge band tees to throw on - No Doubt or Nirvana? Either way, you’ll be putting together a winning look that all your friends will be totally obsessed with. On other days you may be feeling a little more refined - so put on your matching extra thick cable sweater + pants, with a soft faux fur pom pom beanie, you will be cozy + elegant at the same time. Enjoy slow roasting candied bacon s’mores by the fire with friends after an active ski day in your textured waffle knit beanie + retro ski one piece. You can stay toasty on the mountainside for a few days at the family cabin in your fisherman style beanie - wear it proudly with anything from your oversized quilted outerwear to your skin tight thermal base layers.

You've Never Felt Better

  You already know you’re a super cool hat girl + we are here to help you put together multiple cohesive winter looks that will impress even the most seasoned hat wearers. You already have every single piece of clothing you need, right there in your closet! Felt hats are not only excellent to wear in your everyday life, they are always great for sprucing up a special outfit too. 

  Feel your very best getting ready for an upcoming first date. A felt hat guarantees a fantastic first impression + it’s an easy + fun conversation piece too. Show up ready to shine in a ruched neckline mini dress paired with aplatform chelsea boot. Or, keep it casual + get inspired by the everlasting denim on denim trend. A hand stitched patchwork denim jean + puff sleeved denim jacket is the look to rock all season long. Your felt hat can be dressed up or laid back, either way you’ll feel ready to have a memorable night out.

  Felt hats can be customized any way you like + that is the most amazing scenario you could ever want when it comes to getting dressed + going out into the world.

  Wear a memory everywhere you go - take your Grandpa’s old handkerchief + wrap it around the crown of your hat. Secure your Grandma’s gold brooch into your hat band for a sentimental touch that nobody else can replicate. You can also stick with the basics. Simplicity can be achieved with ahat pin on the crown or even the brim - place it wherever it makes the most impact on you.  A pin will add a touch of glimmer against the calm surface of the wool. Bands are also a really fun way to personalize your hat. A traditional grosgrain ribbon with a bow can be styled delicately with a thin neutral color. Or stand out more + use a wide ribbon with a vibrant color + a dainty band over top to add depth. Adding a personal touch to your felt hat will have you wearing a smile on your face everytime you put it on. 

  Branching out + wearing different things takes a little bit of bravery + a lot of confidence + you possess both of those qualities! Having an array of ideas + options for your winter outfits is a great way to stay excited for the cold weather. Now that you know how to wear berets, bucket hats, + felt hats in the winter, you can spread the word that  a winter hat isn’t just another name for a beanie. xx