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July 12, 2019 2 min read

Gigi Pip hat tips and tricks

 Ginger in Taupe + Scottie in Grey


One of this year's hottest trends is hair extensions. Clip-in, tape, or even rocking a wig! Love the look of longer locks but not sure how to rock a hat with your new look? We invited Tara of Tara McCae Hair Extensions to the studio for her tips + tricks on wearing hair extensions with a hat. 


“Keep your extensions in mind when choosing your hat size + size up! Our model is wearing Gigi Pip’s Scottie in a 59cm M/L.

Placement is key. If you have clip-in extensions, clip them into the hair right below the crown of your head. This will give your hat a better fit.

 For other types of extensions or wigs, choose a larger hat size that will accommodate your extensions. Gigi Pip hats are adjustable + can be tightened to fit your head if you choose to remove your extensions.”


woman changing the placement of her clip-in extension
Adjustable grey Gigi Pip hat
Moving her extensions
Grey adjustable hat


Additional tips: 


  1. Sizing Up - Choosing a larger hat size is not only a great option for those who wear hair extensions, but those who have thick or curly hair. If you fit into that category and notice that hats tend to fight uncomfortably tight on your head, start with our M/L size and use the inner adjustable band to get the perfect fit. 

  2. Everyone’s head is uniquely shaped. - Because of this, different styles of hats may fit differently on your head even if the size is the same. If you wear extensions and want recommendations of what to look for in a hat, try our BILLIE, SCOTTIE, and EMMA.

  3. Halo Style - If you notice your fav hat doesn’t fit the same after putting in your extensions, try wearing it Halo Style on the crown of your head. Since it sits on a more narrow part of your head, it should fit better than wearing your hat the traditional way straight across the brow. And it’s a super cute way to frame your face. 

 Now that you know more about hat sizing and fit, let's find the best hat for your face shape! Here's a blog post about Finding the Best Hat for Your Face Shape. 

See more of Tara's work on her Instagram @taramccaeextensions

and special thanks to @zandrabarrigophoto


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