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Reagan : Student Designer



Meet Reagan.

We were literally BLOWN away when we saw the beautiful denim designs she creates! She recently started her own clothing brand called Hargan Denim and has embraced the "entrepreneur" early in life. We couldn't pass up the chance to share her story hoping it will inspire you as well. Her pure ambition, raw talent, and unique style remind us daily that if you are truly passionate about something, don't let anything stop you from pursuing it. 


Reagan : Student Designer


We asked Reagan to share a bit more about the hats she wears and here's what she said:

"From little sister to big, student, traveler, to entrepreneur, I get to wear many “hats” in life. Out of all the hats I get to wear, the most rewarding has been my entrepreneur hat."


Reagan : Student Designer


"Starting my brand, HARGAN Denim, has been the most challenging, exhilarating, and inspiring experience. Looking back and seeing it all started with a little girl making American Girl Doll clothes with a barbie sewing machine, and putting on fashion shows for her family in the basement, to where it is now, is what pushes and motivates me everyday to keep moving forward."


Reagan : Student Designer

Scottie in Grey 

"This is just the beginning and I cannot wait to see where it takes me. HARGAN Denim is a unique, handmade designed denim brand, and with this I hope to inspire girls and show them, the can achieve anything and every dream they desire."


Reagan : Student Designer

 Roxy in White

Reagan : Student Designer


To see more of Reagan and see a peek of her sewing away, check out her Instagram.
HARGAN Denim Instagram: @hargandenim
Want to see more of the hats Reagan is styling? Check out our Felt Hat Collection. 
Need help with hat sizing? Here's a little help Getting Started.

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