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July 14, 2022 5 min read

Sunglasses Trends 2022: Shades for Sunny Days

Chic shades are always trending and we can see it’s especially true this year. As always, Gigi Pip leans into classic styles that never fade. That goes for the sunglasses we designed in-house, from the tiniest details up to the finished frames. Our frames fit every face shape and that’s only one reason whyGigi Pip sunglasses are trendy in 2022.

Sunglasses + Straps in Style 2022

Trendy Sunglasses 2022


Choosingframes to fit your face shape is the first step to looking fashionable and feeling confident in your sunglasses this year. Whether you have a heart-shaped, round, square, oval, or triangular face shape, our frames will fit beautifully on you. We created two different styles that are versatile, timeless, and look amazing on every woman. 

  • Diana polarized sunglasses - tortoise. These are slightly oversized, rectangular-shaped sunglasses with soft edges. What makes them different is the concave shape of the frame. They curve inward toward the lenses, setting them apart from any other frames out there.  
  • Diana polarized sunglasses - black. This pair is identical to the tortoise, but in matte black that you can wear with any outfit.   
  • Hailey polarized sunglasses - gold. Aviator-style sunnies with 14K gold metal frames, accents of black, and easy to adjust nose pieces. 

    pearl sunglasses strap

    Our two new sunglasses styles are distinctive. It was also incredibly important to us that we intentionally create each pair to ensure every woman who wears them feels confident. Mission accomplished if we do say so ourselves! One of the frames you’ll fall madly in love with is a classic rounded style. The other option we designed is a rectangular, oversized thick frame. 

    Imagine taking your new sunnies out for paddle boarding, you lose your balance, and your brand new accessories sink! Worst case scenario. Avoid losing your new sunglasses altogether by slipping on any of our three trendy removable straps. 

    1. Figaro Chain Strap
    2. Mini Paperclip Chain Strap 
    3. Mini Pearl Strap 

    All three strap styles are removable and adjustable. This means the straps will fit any frames whether they’re thin or oversized. 

    Trending Oversized Sunnies 


    trendy oversized sunglasses

    Oversized sunglasses are such a vibe! Think about those big rims fashionistas were wearing in the 70s. Huge sunglasses were a must for beach bonfires, pool parties, and roller rinks. We adore a wide rim that will easily match all hair and skin colors now, in 2022, and well into the decades to come. 

    Our matte black rectangular frames pair well with any woman’s features, giving you an accessory that is super simple to style with your wardrobe. We also love neutral colors with plenty of personality, so we chose an iridescent turquoise for the second oversized frame. 

    While we’re on the topic of throwing in personality to our designs, you have to see what our gold and black aviator-inspired sunglasses look like! 

    Aviator Frames Trending Now


    Round gold and black sunglasses

    If you’re aTop Gun sunglasses fan you will be obsessed with Hailey, our round frame style. Aviators have never really been away from the fashion scene, but they’re a significant statement piece for 2022. 

    Our aviator frame has been in the works for a couple of years. We initially designed it with a more traditional look but when the sample came back, we didn’t quite fall in love. So we went for another spin. 

    The old-fashioned way isn’t exactly our style so we added our Gigi Pip flair. We decided to keep the aviator shape around the lenses, but exclude the brow bar that traditional styles include. Also, instead of silver, we decided on gold. A bold black covers the earpiece then turns back to gold at the tip for a unique look you can’t find anywhere else. 

    While we love to put our clean, minimal brand perspective into everything we design, we always go back to the ageless classics. 

    Timeless. Classic. Sunglasses + Straps.


    Adjustable sunglasses strap

    Sunny days are better with a timeless pair of shades to keep you sun-protected, trendy, and feeling confident. You’re always winning with frames that stand the test of time. 

    Remember Audrey Hepburn's iconic sunglasses circa 1961 with a chic, black bell-shaped wide brim hat? Agh, that look is so classic and you can easily recreate it with our Diana polarized sunglasses - tortoise paired with theelegant Jolie boater - black

    Another look to inspire you is from Harpers Bazaar interview,Lizzo in gold aviators. Lizzo talks about looking good while doing good in her favorite pair of sunnies. Lizzo has a more modern, futuristic sunglasses style, but her shades are ageless because of the shape of her frames. 


    Timeless sunglasses in 2022

    While sunglasses have been around for ages, straps have only been popular since the 1970s. Most of the straps we see are used for practical reasons. Gigi Pip sunglasses straps are both practical and fashionable. We designed two of our styles in gold and one in pearl so they’ll never go out of style. 

    Gigi Pip sunglasses and straps you wear today will be just as in vogue a decade from now. Classic sunglasses are the best investment you could ever make. Whether your frames are plastic or metal, our sunnies will always go with anything in your wardrobe, whatever the year is.    

    Metal Frames



    We’re big fans of shades with metal frames, especially aviators. They’re sleek, chic, and accentuate every single face shape. 2022 is embracing them in every color, but we’re all about 14K gold and black. 

    What sets aviators apart from other styles is the brow bar, also known as the top bar – the one that connects the two lenses above the nose piece. We chose to leave this brow bar out, and stick with the classic shape around the dark, tinted lenses. 

    Tinted Lenses


    Tinted trendy sunglasses


    Believe it or not, tinted lenses are making a comeback from y2k. Unthinkable, isn’t it? Including all the colors of the rainbow and any tints in between. While we embrace putting on rose-colored glasses, we’re sticking to our classic and timeless aesthetic. 

    Both the Diana and the Hailey frames are made with polarized lenses, which simply means they are anti-glare. Our lenses filter out sunlight so you can avoid straining your eyes while squinting too much. Our shades keep you healthy and protected. 

    Shades for sunny days come in all shapes and sizes. We’re all about the gold, round metal style, and oversized rectangular frames. Styles that look amazing on every face shape, skin tone, and hair color. Get your Diana or Hailey and remember to send us pics! We want to see how confident you feel. xx