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July 06, 2022 5 min read

7 Day-to-Night Transitional Outfit Ideas: Western

Heading from arodeo to an evening show and don’t know what to wear? Transitional clothing isn’t exactly easy, but we have all the wardrobe hacks you need. We’re here to steer you in the right direction with our seven transitional day-to-night outfits + women’s hat ideas.  


Ezra cattleman's wool hat

What are Transitional Outfits?

Outfits that work for your daytime activities as well as the events you’re looking to do at night. It can be tricky to dress for a hot summer day when you know you’ll be chilly when the sun goes down. We’ll help you find plenty of ways to dress for both. Check out our list of best outfit ideas. 

Our Top 7 Outfits to Wear From Day to Night


Rancher wool hat with transitional outfit


Seamlessly transition your look with adaptable outfits that you can comfortably wear from sunrise to sunset. Take a look at our top outfits + women’s hat ideas: 

  • Jumpsuit. This one-piece wonder can be worn solo while the sun is out, then when evening comes you can throw on a jacket or sweater for an extra layer. A perfect look to go with ourEzra Western Hat with a cattleman crown, where statement fashion meets the wild west. 
  • Little black dress.The single best article of clothing a woman can own. In an LBD, you’re always dressed for the occasion. Give it a twist no one has seen before when you match it with the popular teardrop Monroe Rancher in black.  

    Black Monroe Rancher hat with day outfit

  • Shirtdress. A minimal + effortless ensemble you can easily dress up when you’re ready for a night out. Make it boho-chic with the classy Cove, a flat brim Guatemalan palm straw fedora.
  • Skirt. Rock a mini, maxi, fitted, or denim skirt when you’re aiming to dress for an all-day affair. Stay comfortable in sandals or flats you can walk + dance in. 
  • Silk shirt.  A breezy sleeveless button-up silk shirt is perfect for layering later on. Wear it solo with high-rise pleated shorts + throw on a sweater when evening rolls in. Add a leather tassel band to set it off. 


    Leather hat band with tassels on women's western hat 


  • Jeans + tee. This duo will live on in fashion forever regardless of ever-changing trends, fads, + silhouettes. Look cute in a cropped or oversized tee with your best-worn denim + you have the outfit for anything. Add the Sal Crochet bucket hat for an easily packable accessory. 
  • Matching knit set. Consider a knit set to be one of the key elements of your capsule collection. A two-piece set can be mixed + matched with other elements in your wardrobe, + keeping them together will always give you an easy go-to outfit you can dress up for an elevated style. Pair with the Zephyr Rancher

  • Tips to Elevate any Ensemble


    Women's outfit with brown rancher hat for Calgary Stampede


    Casual is cute, but sometimes a girl likes to get fancy. The best ways to elevate your outfit are with chic hats, boots, + accessories that bring out your confident side.

    Class, originality, + sophistication come from simply pairing a hat with your attire. When you put a Gigi Pip hat on you automatically become a style icon. A felt fedora or straw with a unique pencil brim provides a variety of elevated outfit options. 

    Another way to uplift your look is with a good pair of boots. 


    Tan cowgirl felt hat with cowgirl boots


    Versatility is the best thing great boots can offer. Pair them with a shirtdress, jumpsuit, skirt, little black dress, or jeans and a tee + you have yourself an elevated outfit. In addition to hats + boots, accessories can take your style to the next level. 

    Wear accessories when you want to transition your outfit from casual to fancy. Something as simple + laid back as a v-neck shirt can be spruced up with a dainty necklace. Accessorizing your hat with pins, feathers, + bands can also uplift your ensemble. 

    A simple summer dress styled with your favorite fedora can be transformed from a day outfit into an evening look when paired withsparkling gold + pearl bands. Explore more hat transitional style options right here. 

    Transitional Style Examples


    Hat bands and hat feathers. Wool hat accessories


    Think of your Gigi Pip hat as a blank canvas. Although many of our styles come with sewn-in leather or grosgrain bands, some styles come with removable bands or no band at all. No matter the styles you have in your collection, your felt + straw hats can always be styled to fit your day-to-night outfits. 

    Change hats completely. A crocheted bucket hat paired with a matching knit set will be sure to turn heads all day long. But, if you’re headed to a less casual event in the evening, you can easily switch to a more structured straw style like theCove that breathes class + sophistication. Want to keep the same hat on, but change your look? Change your hat accessories. 

    You can have so much fun changing your look when you switch your hat accessories. A leather band with tassels will look cute for your jeans + tee day vibe. When the moon comes out toss a blazer on + replace your leather hat band. Metals like a gold pin or our sophisticated gold leaf band give you a feminine, unexpected look that’s perfect for a night out. 

    How Do You Transition Outfits From Day to Night?


    Day to night transitional outfit with wool hat


    Putting together an outfit you can wear from dawn to dusk is somewhat of an art form. Several elements need to be considered like what the weather will be like, what activities you’re doing, + the functionality of your outfit. 

    As much as we’d like our weather apps to be accurate, they’re not always spot on. So, how do you dress for unpredictable weather? Pack your layers! You could be dressed for a toasty summer day but when the sun sets, you’ll be glad to have your sweater + a wool felt hat. 

    Activities are crucial to keep in mind when deciding on an outfit. When you go to theworld’s largest outdoor rodeo, be prepared for a packed stadium. Wear light, breezy clothes that will offer you airflow. The practicality of your outfit goes a long way when you want to stay comfortable, no matter the time of day.


    Functionality is key when it comes to dressing for a big event. Wearing sandals when you’re in the sunlight is a prime decision because you’ll be hot + you’ll want as little coverage as possible. Then when you’re ready, it’s super easy to transition to a heel for an evening show. 

    Day to night outfits and women's hat options


    The switch from your day to nighttime attire used to be challenging, but consider yourself a pro now. Refer to our top seven outfit ideas anytime you’re headed out to a big event for some inspiration. And don’t forget how easy it is to create transitional outfits + hat styles when you have the right layers + accessories.   xx