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October 08, 2020 3 min read

Katie Whicker

Hat: Dahlia Brown

Katie is a light of love + kindness. She lights up every room she walks in. We admire her motivation and passion of life. She wears many hats in her life and is an advocate for Craniofacial differences. She inspires those around her as she fights to break down social stigmas behind disabilities.

What are the roles or hats you lead in your life?
So a couple of hats that help me lead my life are; being a dog mom to my two rascals, being a daughter and sister  in the most amazing family I could ask for. An aunt to my many nieces and nephews. And lastly being an advocate for Craniofacial differences. 

What hats do you find the most challenging and what do you do to embrace them?
For me the most challenging hat that I wear is the advocacy hat. It’s not something that I can just shut off. It’s something that I eat, breathe and live. But I wouldn’t have any other way. I get to inspire others just by looking different.. I get to help others understand through my Facebook page that being different is not all that bad. 

What hats are least known about you? 
Some hats least known; mmm, that’s a hard one. I am a pretty open book. A least known one is depression. It’s not a bad thing. There’s such a stigma around it. But I wear it proudly. I have so much help and love to live with depression. It’s not a hat that I wear alone. It’s a hat that my family and friends help me wear.

Who or what inspires you? 
My mom is the one who inspires me most in my life. We don’t always get along. We’re both stubborn. But she has been through so much with me. She has only missed one surgery in my life (I’ve since forgiven that) but she never stops to make sure I’m okay. I’m eternally grateful for that. I’m lucky she chose me.

How do you practice self love?
Self love is hard I’ll be the first to admit that. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. For me getting out in nature, being with my dogs or my family. Or shopping. I have a list that I keep that I add to every chance with something I love about either myself or my life. I have found that when my depression is high I pull out that list and it reminds me that life is not all that bad. 

What advice do you have for someone who doesn't feel confident?
One thing that has always helped me is to remember. Someone always loves you. And they need you. Life is never going to be easy. For some it’s harder than others. But surround yourself with those who will boost you. If you can’t find someone know that I love you. I may not know you but how can I not love someone who is struggling?  Reach out to others who are struggling. You never know how you may need each other. 

Favorite Gigi Pip style/color + why? 
My favorite hat so far,  is the Monroe rancher hat in black. I have yet to find an outfit it doesn’t go with. 

Katie Whicker

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